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All the families residing in the state of Madhya Pradesh are provided with the Patrata Parchi for taking ration food grains. the names of all the family members are associated with this food slip. along with this, Aadhaar card numbers are also associated with the overall ID of all these members. with this, the ration card Patrata Parchi holder can take ration food grains from anywhere in the country. this will directly provide ration to the ration holder.

M Ration Mitra Portal Patrata Parchi

Food grains are provided by the Madhya Pradesh Government to all the people holding m ration mitra Portal Patrata Parchi of the state. All food grain distribution information is updated through the portal nfsa.mp.epos.mp.gov.in or nfsa mp ration card, nfsa samagra.

in the state, ration mitra Patrata Parchi (m rashan mitra) is given to economically weaker sections who are unable to buy food grains. The Madhya Pradesh Government’s Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection has launched the m Ration Mitra Portal. All the eligible slip-holder families are given 5 kg of food grains per person by the government of Madhya Pradesh.

What is the M Ration Mitra Portal?

M Ration Mitra Portal MP The state government has launched the Mukhyamantri Annapurna Yojana under the Public Distribution System as per the National Food Security Act, 2013. In the scheme, all eligible families are provided with a Family Food Entitlement Card (MP E Ration Card). The ration slip is issued by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Madhya Pradesh through the m ration mitra portal.

this Patrata Parchi is provided along with the ration card. now in the Annapurna scheme, all the families are given patrata parchi. under this, biometric Aadhaar card verification of all the people of the family is done. the m-ration mitra patrata parchi contains the Patrata Parchi number, family ID number, name of the head, name of the family members, etc.

Benefits of Ration Mitra Portal

  • Through this, the ration card Patrata Parchi is provided to the people.
  • The online slip can be printed on the Mitra portal.
  • How many people in your family can see the ration slip is registered?
  • You can check how much food the family has.
  • How many people’s Aadhaar can be seen added to the ration?
  • Your ration dealer’s information

Benefits of ration Mitra app

  • Ration shop, the beneficiary can view the details,
    Allocation, lifting, POS machine status, etc.
  • The family can view the Patrata Parchi, the list of members.
  • E KYC verification can be done by adding an Aadhaar card through Mitra App.
  • You can apply online to add new family members.
  • Application for removal of a family member from slip. beginning

Main points of M Ration Mitra Portal

Portal nameMP M Ration Mitra Portal
apportionmentDepartment of Food and civil supplies
 Purpose of the portalinformation on food grain distribution, providing eligibility slip
Beneficiarypeople of the state
official websiterationmitra.nic.in (click here)

Ration Mitra Portal MP Parchi Patrata

All the people of the state who fall under the category of economically weaker, laborers, unorganized workers, laborers, BPL families, worker laborers, and sambal card holders. you can apply for the Patrata Parchi by filling out the ration card form online.

Documents required for food grain Patrata Parchi application

  • Overall family id
  • Overall the number of family members
  • Aadhaar cards of all members
  • Mobile number
  • Photo of the head of the family

How to apply for Patrata Parchi in the new format

To apply for the MP Patrata Parchi you first need to create your family composite ID. Without it you cannot apply for Patrta parchi. So register for family ID first on the overall portal. Only then will your application for ration be valid on the mration portal, rasn mitr.

You have to contact the Secretary of your Gram Panchayat to prepare the eligibility food slip. You have to apply for a ration card along with a photocopy of all the documents listed given. The Gram Panchayat Secretary will enter the information of all your family members online and do an Aadhaar card and KYC verification of all the members of the family.

this will benefit any member of the family who can get food grains from the ration shop. the proposing secretary will fill in all the information and forward the information to the food grain safety branch in charge. the branch in charge will verify your eligibility category, and information by checking the members’ information, and documents. after this, the food entitlement slip will be accepted by the family. you can download m-ration mitra patrata parchi.

How to download new draft Patrata Parchi from m ration mitra portal

To download the Patrata Parchi Download 2023, first of all, to download the ration card online, one has to go to the official website

M ration mitra portal
  • After visiting the m ration mitra portal, the official website.
  • After visiting the website, click on the link “Download the patrata parchi from the public domain (released in the current month).
  • Patrata parchi management system/ the electronic ration card management system (e-rcms) page will open.
  • You must first choose your district.
  • After that, choose your district.
  • Enter your family id. And
  • Enter the overall member ID of one of the members of the family.
  • Fill up the ration card with your mobile number.
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click on the get information about the patrata parchi of the family button.
  • Your ration, and family information will be seen.
  • Click on the download button and download the patrata parchi.

there may be a technical problem in downloading the Patrata Parchi. because the Patrata Parchi download button is sometimes not visible.

You can download the Patrata Parchi from m ration Mitra app.

View the name of the new member in the slip in the new format eligibility

If any member of the family in the Patrata Parchi has been added to the ration card list or removed you can check from the online m ration mitra portal. You can see the following information on the ration portal.

M ration mitra
  • Patrata Parchi family details
  • Name of your village
  • Name of the ration card shop
  • Family id number
  • Eligibility Statement
  • Fps code
  • Pratrata parks status
  • List of family members
  • List of members linked to the family base
  • Members’ ids

To see all the information given above, first of all, click on this link –

  1. After that, enter the family id.
  2. After inputting the captcha code, click the Search button.
  3. you will get all the information related to mrasan mitra Patrata Parchi.

Download the Patrata Parchi from the Mitra app

You need to have an overall family ID to download the ration card Patrata Parchi from your mobile. only after this, you can download the Patrata Parchi from the ration Mitra app.

m ration mitra
  • First of all, you need to open the Google Play Store app on your mobile.
  • You have to download the M Ration Mitra App
  • After downloading the ration mitra.
  • Install mrashan mitra in the mobile.
  • Open the ration mitra app on mobile.
  • After this, m ration Mitra login to the Mitra app.
  • Some important information will be displayed in the app.
  • Click on the open app button.
  • The app will be open on mobile.
  • There are a lot of options here.
  • You should click on ‘family’s new food safety slip information’.
  • Enter your 8-digit family ID.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The new food safety slip information page will open.
  • In the green above – click on the “See food grain safety slip on the portal” button
  • In a short while, the ration card patrata parchi in your mobile will be downloaded in the pdf file (Patrata parchi download pdf).

You take out a printout of the Patrata Parchi and get it verified by the panchayat.


How to add the name of the member to the ration card Patrata Parchi?

If you want to add the name of a family member to the Patrata Parchi then first of all you have to add the name to the family composite id. After this, the name will be added to the Patrata Parchi.

How to download the Patrata Parchi?

You can download the  Patrata Parchi rationmitra.nic.in the official website

How to download m ration Mitra mobile app?

You can download the Mitra app from the Google Play Store. after this, download the ration mitra.nic.in Patrata Parchi.

Madhya Pradesh Patrata Parchi is not getting food grains from ration cards what to do?

If your ration card Patrata Parchi already maintained, there are two reasons for not getting food grains from the ration shop even after that –
1. The Aadhaar card of all your family members is not linked to the Patrata Parchi or
2. by not having caste details in the Patrata Parchi, and not having the knowledge of caste certificate.

for this, you have to go to the gram panchayat or ward office and add an Aadhaar card and caste certificate in the Patrata Parchi. submit a photocopy of the caste certificate and Aadhaar card.
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