Top 10 Rowdy Place in Tamilnadu You Need To Know

Tamil Nadu is one of the top states in India in terms of economic development and GDP contribution. However, with rapid urbanization and population growth, some cities have seen an increase in crime rates and rowdy activities. Here is an in-depth look at the top 10 rowdy place in Tamilnadu, India that you should be cautious about.


History of Rowdyism in Tamil Nadu

Dravidian politics promoting rowdyism

Dravidian politics has strong links to rowdyism in Tamil Nadu. Dravidian parties like DMK and AIADMK depended on rowdies to expand their grassroots presence from the 1960s to the 1980s. Rowdies mobilized voters through threats and violence. In return, parties protected them from police action. The nexus between politicians and rowdies enabled criminal elements to flourish.

Rise of gangsters in North Chennai

In the 1970s, North Chennai saw the emergence of powerful gangsters like Varadarajan Mudaliar and Haji Mastan who smuggled goods and ran extortion rackets. They developed contacts across parties to ensure immunity from prosecution. The area became a hotbed of criminal activity, spawning many rowdy gangs.

Why Tamil Nadu Attracts Migrants

Tamil Nadu has witnessed massive migration from other parts of India due to its booming economy. Some key factors that attract migrants to the state are:

Industrial Growth

Tamil Nadu is one of the most industrialized states with a strong presence in textile, automotive, IT, manufacturing, and other industries. This creates abundant job opportunities.

Infrastructure Development

The state has good roads, ports, airports, and transportation systems that aid trade and businesses.

IT/Software Hub

Cities like Chennai have emerged as major IT and software hubs with many MNCs setting up offices.

Agriculture Production

Modern agriculture practices have increased the production of crops like paddy, bananas, coconut, etc. This drives rural employment.

Skill Development

The availability of quality education and training in skills needed by industries attracts youth for employment.

Top 10 Rowdy Places In Tamil Nadu

Some of the Rowdy districts in Tamil Nadu that have a reputation for being ‘rowdy’ due to higher crime rates, history of gang violence, and presence of rowdies include:

1. Chennai

Chennai is the capital and largest city of the state of Tamil Nadu and is an important center of culture, education, entertainment, and commerce in South India. Chennai, being the capital of Tamilnadu, also tops the list of rowdy places in the state. Some high-profile criminal cases that brought Chennai under the spotlight include:

Swati Murder Case (2016)

The brutal murder of software engineer Swati at the Nungambakkam railway station shocked the entire nation. She was hacked to death in broad daylight by a stalker, highlighting issues of women’s safety in public spaces.

T Nagarpriya Murder Case (2017)

The gruesome murder of 24-year-old T Nagarpriya, whose body was found stuffed inside a travel bag at her Chennai apartment, highlighted the issue of stalking and crimes against women.

Shankar and Kausalya Honor Killing (2016)

The honor killing of Shankar and Kausalya, an inter-caste couple, by Kausalya’s family-hired assassins created an uproar regarding caste-based crimes.

Chennai Six Case (2013)

The arrest of six British nationals working as security guards on a ship raised issues of legal justice when they were accused of carrying arms without papers.

Srinivasan Murder Case (2008)

The high-profile murder of industrialist Srinivasan, owner of a popular textile showroom, highlighted Chennai’s crime rate when investigated as a result of a financial dispute.

2. Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a city in western Tamilnadu that is known for its textile and engineering industries With its manufacturing and textile hubs, Coimbatore sees migration that leads to increased crimes. Some notable cases include:


Coimbatore Bomb Blasts (1998)

This terrorist attack orchestrated by Al-Ummah on Hindu gatherings killed 58 and injured over 200 people.

Coimbatore Serial Killer Case (2001)

Auto Shankar, who murdered young women passengers, was a shocking serial killer case.

Kidney Transplant Racket (2012)

The kidney transplant racket exposed rampant illegal organ trade in Coimbatore.

Hindu Munnani Leader Murder (2014)

The murder of Hindu Munnani leader C Sasikumar revealed potential religious extremist groups.

Gold Smuggling Case (2020)

Smuggling gold through airport parcels showed sophisticated crime networks operating in the city.

3. Madurai

Madurai is a city in southern Tamilnadu that is famous for its ancient temples and culture. Madurai’s temples attract pilgrims who become soft targets for thieves and hustlers. Some major cases are:

Meenakshi Temple Massacre (1992)

Rival gang violence leading to a shootout in the temple killed 9 innocent people.

Madurai Veeran Serial Murders (2000)

Auto Shankar, who murdered and disposed of victims’ bodies, was a shocking serial killer.

Wedding Hall Fire Tragedy (2014)

Faulty safety regulations led to a devastating fire in a wedding hall that killed over 50 people.

Gold Heist (2016)

A daring daytime gold robbery from a car highlighted the city’s crimes.

Bomb Blast (2012)

A militant bomb blast caused panic and led to improved security measures.

4. Trichy

Trichy is a city in central Tamilnadu that is famous for its historic temples and monuments and religious sites also make Trichy prone to crimes like:

Shankar-Kausalya Murder (2016)

The honor killing of an intercaste couple by the woman’s family caused outrage.

Swathi Murder Copycat (2017)

Similar to the Swathi murder case in Chennai, here a stalker killed victim Swathi at the railway station.

Vanniyar Rally Violence (2012)

Clashes at a political rally led to violence and injuries between rival groups.

Mahalingam College Murder (2014)

A student being hacked to death on campus raised alarm about safety.

Ponnamaravathi Honor Killing (2020)

Another intercaste couple was killed by the woman’s family over their marriage.

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5. Salem

Salem is a city in central Tamilnadu that is known for its steel and textile industries. While Salem sees lesser crime than major cities, some significant cases are:

Salem Serial Killings (2001-2003)

Multiple murders of young girls by serial killer ‘Psycho’ Shankar terrorized locals.

Temple Theft (2002)

Antique idols worth millions were stolen from Arulmigu Veeraganapathy Temple.

Bank Robbery (2010)

A daring daylight bank robbery is seen as a challenge to law and order.

Industrialist Kidnapping (2012)

The kidnapping and murder of a prominent industrialist despite ransom payment highlighted Salem’s crimes.

Fake Stamp Paper Scam (2006)

The counterfeit stamp paper racket revealed high-level political involvement.

6. Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is a district in southern Tamilnadu that is known for its history, culture, and cuisine. Religious sites and caste issues contribute to some crimes like:

Shankar-Jesna Murders (2019)

The sensational case of an interfaith couple’s murder and disposal raised complex questions.

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Links

Conspirators linked to LTTE in the assassination had origins in Tirunelveli.

Honor Killing (2016)

Another intercaste couple murdered by the woman’s family caused uproar.

Sankararaman Murder Links (2004)

While occurring in Kanchipuram, the temple manager’s murder had Tirunelveli links.

Veerappan Criminal Activities

Notorious smuggler Veerappan operated in border areas including Tirunelveli.

7. Vellore

Vellore is a district in northern Tamilnadu that is known for its medical and educational institutions. Vellore’s educational hubs are affected by exam scams and cheating. Significant cases are:

Medical College Admission Scam (2012)

Bribes for medical seats exposed corruption in the Vellore Medical College.

Bomb Blast (2006)

Part of coordinated terror blasts across Tamil Nadu in 2006.

Kidney Racket (2016)

Part of a state-wide kidney trafficking racket busted by authorities.

Honor Killing (2020)

Highlighted the persistence of honor killings against intercaste marriages.

8. Erode

Erode is a city located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated on the banks of River Cauvery. Property crimes like theft, robbery, and occasional extremist activities affect Erode such as:

Bank Robbery (2014)

Daring gunfights during bank robberies showed sophisticated gangs.

Fake Certificates Scam (2016)

Sale of counterfeit education certificates uncovered local rackets.

Honor Killing (2012)

Intercaste couple’s murder by a woman’s family caused outrage.

Bomb Blast (2013)

Suspected work of extremist organizations.

Kidney Racket Links (2018)

Links found to statewide kidney racket.

9. Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai is an ancient temple town located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Occasional crimes like thefts affect pilgrims. Some examples are:

Annamalai University Scam (2014)

The sale of fake certificates and mark sheets exposed corruption.

Temple Theft (2018)

Robbery of precious idols from Arunachaleshwarar Temple

Witchcraft Murders (2019)

A series of murders related to witchcraft beliefs caused concern.

Honor Killing (2017)

Highlighted continuing instances of honor killings in Tamil Nadu.

10. Tiruppur

Tiruppur is a city in the Kongu Nadu region of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located about 50 km east of Coimbatore. It is an important industrial and economic hub in Tamil Nadu, mainly recognized for its massive textile industry for export purposes. Tiruppur faces some property crimes and instances of violence such as:

Thefts and Robberies

Rise in theft, robbery, and fraud crimes.

Traffic Violations

Increase in cases of traffic violations.


Instances of cybercrime are on the rise.

Domestic Violence

Cases of domestic violence occur occasionally.

Rumors of Communal Clashes

While unconfirmed, rumors of tensions between groups caused concerns.

Reasons for Persistence of Rowdyism

Poverty and lack of opportunity

Impoverished urban neighborhoods with poor education and employment prospects become breeding grounds for rowdyism. Lack of access drives youth towards gangs which promise status, money, and identity. Rowdies also provide services like dispute mediation where legal recourse fails.

Political patronage

Simplicity of political parties is a key factor enabling the reign of rowdies. They rely on coercion by rowdies during elections and overlook criminal activity in return for support. Rowdies also cultivate links across party lines to ensure continued impunity.

Glorification in popular culture

Rowdies are sometimes glorified in Tamil films, music, and literature as “local heroes” who protect the poor. This breeds a sense of adulation among impressionable youth. Rowdy leaders style themselves after film characters to enhance their local image.

Impact of Rowdyism on Society

Increased violence and crime

Rowdyism breeds a culture of violence, leading to more murders, extortion, kidnappings, and women’s safety issues. Criminal gangs carry illegal weapons and fight deadly turf wars. ordinary citizens live in fear of getting caught in the crossfire.

Obstacle to development

Rowdy gangs obstruct urban development schemes in neighborhoods they control through intimidation and threats. Infrastructure projects, civic improvements, and business investments invariably hit roadblocks due to the climate of fear they create.

Tarnished reputation

Rowdyism reinforces stereotypes of Tamil Nadu as a lawless state where criminal gangs wield influence. This tarnishes its reputation and deters industries from investing and professionals from migrating here for work.

Efforts to Curb Rowdyism

Stricter law enforcement

Tamil Nadu has passed special laws like the Goondas Act to curb rowdyism and speed up convictions. But lax and selective enforcement hampers impact. Sustained police crackdowns on gang leaders and dens can help lower crime rates.

Community outreach programs

Programs aimed at rehabilitating rowdies via counseling, skill development, and jobs have seen some success. However, the outreach needs to be expanded significantly for a deeper impact. Active community participation is vital.

Promoting education and employment

Boosting economic opportunities through schools, vocational training, microcredit, and scholarships in impoverished neighborhoods can provide vulnerable youth alternatives to rowdyism. Robust employment generation is also crucial.


Rowdy Place in Tamilnadu is a guide to the state’s most renowned and dangerous rowdy district in tamilnadu. Rowdyism is a long-standing problem that leads to a variety of crimes and violence in these communities. Rowdyism also has a negative impact on Tamilnadu’s society and administration. Rowdiness can be reduced by a variety of strategies and measures implemented by all Tamilnadu stakeholders. Rowdyism is a choice that can be modified for a better future.

FAQs: Rowdy Place in Tamilnadu

What are the main activities of rowdy gangs in Tamil Nadu?

The main criminal activities of rowdy gangs include extortion, gambling, contract killings, kidnappings, chain snatching, and violence against women. They also provide illicit services like dispute mediation and coercion during elections.

Which political parties in Tamil Nadu have links to rowdies?

Major Dravidian parties like DMK and AIADMK developed close links to rowdy gangs during their rise in the 1960s-80s. Local and regional parties patronize rowdies for grassroots muscle power.

Why is North Chennai a hotbed of rowdyism?

Factors like urban poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and migrant slums provide fertile ground for rowdy gangs to thrive in North Chennai. Proximity to the port also enables smuggling and black market activities.

What laws have the Tamil Nadu government implemented to control rowdies?

Key laws include the Goondas Act to prevent rowdy activity and detain repeat offenders, and the Anti-Gambling Act to curb gambling dens run by gangs. But poor enforcement hampers impact.

How can society help rehabilitate rowdies and curb their influence?

Robust counseling, skill development, and employment opportunities can reform rowdies over time. Active community participation to cut off social sanction, funding and patronage of gangs is equally important.
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