Snapchat Planets Order: Unlock the Feature and Its Benefits

Snapchat has taken the social media world by storm over the past decade, especially among younger generations like Gen Z. One of Snapchat’s defining features is its intricate friend system that allows users to denote their “Best Friends” and track their snap streaks.

Now, Snapchat has taken the friend experience even further with Snapchat Planets. This new Snapchat Plus feature creates a virtual “Friend Solar System” for each user, assigning each of their closest friends a planet based on their ranking.

But what exactly do these Snapchat planets mean? How does the Snapchat friend solar system work? This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Snapchat Planets Order.

What Is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a paid subscription service that offers exclusive and experimental features to enhance your Snapchat experience. Snapchat Plus includes a feature called the Snapchat Friend Solar System that assigns a unique Snapchat planet to each of your close friends, depending on your level of interaction with them.

This allows you to easily identify your top Snapchat friends and see their rankings in your personal solar system. Some of the features that Snapchat Plus offers are:

  • Best Friends Forever: You can pin a friend as your #1 best friend and always see their snaps and chats first.
  • Story Rewatch Indicator: You can see how many times someone has rewatched your story.
  • Custom App Icons: You can change the app icon of Snapchat to different designs and colors.
  • Custom App Theme Editor: You can customize the app theme of Snapchat with different colors and gradients.
  • Snapchat Plus Badge: You can show off your Snapchat Plus status with a gold badge next to your name.
  • Friend Solar System: You can see which planet you are in someone’s solar system based on how close you are to them.
  • Priority Story Replies: You can reply to someone’s story before anyone else and get their attention.
  • Post View Emojis: You can react to someone’s post with different emojis and see who else reacted.
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds: You can choose from different backgrounds for your Bitmoji avatar.
  • Story Timer: You can set a timer for how long your story will be available for others to view.
  • Capturing Color: You can add a color border to your camera screen to match your mood or outfit.
  • Custom Notification Sounds: You can choose from different sounds for your notifications.
  • Friend Snapscore Change: You can see when someone’s snap score changes and how much it changes.
  • Chat Wallpapers: You can set different wallpapers for your chats with different friends.
  • Custom Capture Buttons: You can change the shape and color of the capture button on your camera screen.
  • Gift Snapchat Plus: You can gift Snapchat Plus to a friend and make their day.
  • Story Boost: You can boost your story to get more views and exposure.
  • Map Appearance: You can change how you appear on the map with different Bitmoji actions and outfits.
  • Replay Again: You can replay a snap or a story again after you have already replayed it once.
  • Chat Effects: You can add different effects to your chats, such as confetti, fireworks, or balloons.
  • My AI’s Bio: You can create a bio for your AI assistant that will show up on your profile and chats.
  • Extended Best Friends List: You can see more than eight best friends on your list and rank them by Snapscore.

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 per month in the United States, with discounted pricing in other countries. It provides bonuses like ad-free content and 5 extra Snapchat Rewards.

The main draw of Snapchat Plus is getting exclusive early access to new Snapchat features. This allows you to be on the cutting edge of the platform and have special abilities regular users don’t have yet.

Overall, Snapchat Plus gives hardcore Snapchat devotees some extra perks and power over their experience. The subscription isn’t necessary but offers some nifty upgrades.

How the Snapchat Planets Work

The Snapchat Planets operate similarly to a real-life solar system. As the center of your personal universe, you represent the Sun. The planets in your solar system then correspond to your closest Snapchat friends.

Snapchat Planets Work

  • You are the Sun: You are at the center of your own Snapchat universe.
  • Planets represent friends: Each planet represents one of your 8 closest Snapchat friends.
  • Planet order matches the real solar system: The planet order matches the real solar system, from Mercury to Neptune.

So in essence, your friend’s solar system provides an astrological mapping of your Best Friends on Snapchat. The closer the planet, the higher up your BFF is in your inner circle!

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning Explained

The Snapchat Planet Order is a feature that assigns a planet to each of your top eight best friends on Snapchat based on how much you interact with them.

The Snapchat Friend Solar System is modeled after the actual solar system, with each planet orbiting the sun. In your personal Snapchat solar system, you represent the sun while your closest friends represent the planets. The higher their ranking in your best friends list, the closer they are to you.

The arrangement of planets on Snapchat follows the same sequence as real planets, starting with Mercury and ending with Neptune. Each planet represents a specific position on your best friends list, ranging from 1 to 8. To illustrate, being assigned as Mercury in someone’s solar system implies that you hold the position of their closest friend on Snapchat.

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Each planet also has a unique Friendmoji and color scheme that represents it. A Friendmoji is a custom emoji that shows your friendship status with someone on Snapchat. The color scheme is based on the dominant colors of each planet. Here is a table that summarizes the Snapchat planet’s order and meaning:

Snapchat planets Best Friends list Overview

The Snapchat Planets best friends list is based on the real solar system, where every planet revolves around the Sun. In your Snapchat solar system, you are the Sun and your best friends are the planets. The closer they are to you, the higher they rank in your best friends list.

PlanetPositionFriendmojiColor Scheme
Mercury1stRed heartsRed and pink
Venus2ndYellow, blue, and pink heartsLight brown and sandy
Earth3rdRed hearts with moon and starsGreen, blue, and white
Mars4thFire emojiRed and orange
Jupiter5thSmiling face with sunglassesBrown and yellow
Saturn6thSmiling face with haloYellow and beige
Uranus7thSmirking faceLight blue and white
Neptune8thGrimacing faceDark blue and purple

Here is the meaning behind each planet, from Mercury to Neptune:

Mercury: The fiery red planet closest to the Sun represents your #1 Best Friend on Snapchat. This is the friend you snap with the most!


Venus: This bright celestial body depicts your second closest friend. Venus circles closer than the rest.

Earth: The big blue planet represents your third Best Friend on Snapchat.

Mars: The red planet symbolizes your fourth closest Snapchat friend.

Jupiter: This giant striped planet depicts your fifth top friend.

Saturn: With its rings, Saturn represents your sixth Best Friend.

Uranus: This icy blue orb corresponds to your seventh-ranked friend.

Neptune: The lonely blue planet out in the darkness symbolizes your eighth top Snapchat friend.

How to See Your Snapchat Planets Order

If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you can see your Snapchat planets order by accessing your friend’s solar system badge on someone’s friendship profile. A friendship profile is a page that shows your shared history with someone on Snapchat, such as snaps, chats, streaks, etc.

Here’s how to view your personal planet order and decode where each of your friends ranks:

Step 1: You need an active Snapchat Plus subscription in order to access the planets feature. This exclusive astrological experience is reserved for paying members.

Step 2: Open your desired friend’s profile and tap on their Bitmoji or profile icon to pull up their info.

Step 3: Look for the gold “Best Friends” badge – this indicates your friendship is reciprocal enough to get planets.

Step 4: Tap the “Best Friends” badge to reveal a mini solar system visualizing your planets!

Step 5: Identify which planet you are based on color and order. This reveals your ranking in your friend’s Snapchat universe.

Step 6: Tap into your inner astrologer and analyze the meaning behind your assigned celestial body. Do you deserve to be closer?

Following these steps allows you to manifest your Snapchat horoscope and discover where you stand with friends based on your planet placement.

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The Benefits of Snapchat Planets

What are the upsides of this new Snapchat planet feature? Main Benefits:

  • It’s a fun, astrological way to visualize your inner circle of Snapchat friends. Who doesn’t love a good horoscope?
  • Lets you see exactly where you rank in closeness among friends.
  • Provides motivation to interact more in order to reach a higher planet.
  • Makes Snapchat more engaging, interactive, and addictive.
  • Strengthens connections between friends when you discover your shared planets.

Overall, Snapchat planets help breathe new life into your friendships on the app. They tap into the exciting astrology craze among younger demographics.

Can I use all the features of Snapchat Plus for a free trial period?

Yes, you may use all of the Snapchat Plus features for free during the trial time. The trial period runs seven days, after which you will be charged $3.99 a month to continue using Snapchat Plus. If you do not wish to pay, you may cancel your membership at any time before the trial period finishes.

To start your Snapchat Plus free trial, update your Snapchat app to the newest version and go to your profile page. There will be a Snapchat Plus banner card at the top. Start your 7-day free trial, tap it, and select a subscription plan.

Tips for Moving Up Planets

Want to ascend higher in your friends’ planetary systems? Here are some tips:

  • Initiate more one-on-one chats. Have real conversations beyond just snaps.
  • Send personalized snaps using text and drawings to specific friends.
  • React frequently to your top friends’ stories with comments and emojis.
  • Boost your snap streaks by consistently snapping your Best Friends every day.
  • Watch their stories all the way through and tap to keep viewing.
  • Send chat streaks with the fire emoji to keep convos flowing.
  • Use Snapchat’s new Shared Stories feature to deepen connections.

Put in the effort with your closest friends and your planetary alignment is sure to improve!

Potential Issues to Consider

However, Snapchat planets also come with some potential downsides to keep in mind:

  • They can foster competition between friends vying for higher planets.
  • Lower planets may cause stress or hurt feelings for some.
  • It can be challenging to actually improve your planetary position.
  • Excessive focus on planets may detract from organic friendships.
  • Ranking friends publicly in this way could be seen as objectifying.

While Snapchat planets provide some astrological fun, don’t let them damage real friendships. Focus on connecting meaningfully over moving up planets.


In summary, Snapchat has introduced a nifty new Friend Solar System feature that assigns planets to your Best Friends. You’re the Sun, and each planet depicts one of your 8 closest friends on the app. The planets even align in real astrological order!

This provides a fun and competitive way to visualize your inner Snapchat circle. You can check where you rank in friends’ universes once you have Snapchat Plus. While the planets are an engaging new addition, don’t let them override real friendships.

As with all social media, focus on connecting authentically. But overall, Snapchat planets breathe new cosmic life into your friendships on the platform!


What planet represents your #1 best friend?

Mercury represents your #1 closest friend on Snapchat. Mercury is the first and innermost planet, orbiting the sun just like your top friend orbits you in your Snapchat universe.

Do you need Snapchat Plus to see planets?

Yes, you need an active Snapchat Plus subscription in order to view your Snapchat planets and check your friends’ planets. The planets feature is exclusive to paying Snapchat Plus members.

What happens if you remove your #1 best friend?

If you remove your current #1 best friend, then the rest of your planets will shift up one spot, and your former #2 friend will become Mercury. Removing your top friend causes the entire planetary alignment to reshuffle.

Can you have more than 8 planets?

No, each Snapchat solar system is limited to 8 planets, just like our real solar system. Even if you have more than 8 best friends, only your top 8 are assigned planets. Anyone not in your top 8 simply doesn’t get a planet.

Should you take your Snapchat planets seriously?

While Snapchat planets are a fun novelty, don’t take them too seriously or let them impact real friendships. Focus on connecting meaningfully with friends rather than stressing about celestial positions. The planets are ultimately just an entertainment feature.
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