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Myliberla is an innovative digital platform that provides users with free access to ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital reading material. Built on open-source software, it aims to create a community-owned and managed resource for discovering, sharing, and discussing knowledge.

What is Myliberla?

Myliberla functions as an online library, allowing users to browse, borrow, read, listen to, and even contribute to ebooks and other digital media. Everything is available for free, without any fees or subscriptions required. It focuses on sourcing texts that are in the public domain or published under open licenses that allow sharing and distribution. This gives readers access to a massive collection of classic literature, academic works, reference texts, and more.

Members can create their own digital “shelves” by bookmarking texts they want to read and managing their reading lists. Popular highlights and insights from other readers are also visible. The platform is ad-free and does not sell user data. It is funded by user donations and grants.

Myliberla History and background

It was launched in 2016 by Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive. Kahle wanted to create a digital lending library that gave public access to ebooks, while also capturing the feel of a traditional library’s browsing experience.

Hundreds of thousands of scans and ebooks were obtained from partner libraries and collections. This initial content formed the early collection. In 2017, it introduced the Open Library Project, inviting users to contribute book data, lists, reviews, and ratings to enhance the catalog. The collection and features continue to grow thanks to its open-source model.

Myliberla Features and services

Some key features that make it special:

  • Borrowing ebooks – Users can borrow thousands of ebooks for 1-2 weeks, readable on all devices.
  • Downloading books – All borrowed books can be downloaded for offline reading. Many public domain books can be downloaded directly.
  • Audiobook streaming – It offers thousands of audiobooks that can be streamed without limits.
  • Reading online – Books can be read directly in browsers without downloading.
  • Highlights and bookmarks – Members can add highlights and bookmarks that are synced across devices.
  • Book discussions – The community contributes reviews, ratings, and discussions on books.
  • Recommendations – Personalized recommendations suggest new books based on past reads.
  • Reading stats – Charts and stats provide insight into your reading habits.

How It Works

Myliberla is designed to make finding and reading ebooks as seamless as possible. Here is an overview:

Account creation

To get started, you simply sign up for a free account. This allows you to bookmark, borrow, and read books in the collection. Profiles include reading stats and allow you to follow other members and see what they are reading. Accounts can be accessed across all devices and apps.

Browsing and discovering

Myliberla offers several options for finding books like personalized recommendations, subjects and categories, curated lists and staff picks, or simply browsing the virtual “shelves”. There are always new additions to explore.

Reading, downloading, and streaming

Once you find an interesting book, you can start reading immediately online. Many public domain works can be downloaded directly in formats like Kindle, Epub, and pdf. You can also borrow most ebooks for offline reading after a quick 1-click checkout. Audiobooks include unrestricted streaming access.

Sharing, commenting, and interacting

One aspect that makes it special is the community features. You can see public highlights, notes, and bookmarks left by other readers. Member reviews and ratings are helpful for discovering new books. Discussion groups allow you to connect with other readers with similar tastes.

Myliberla Key Components

Several elements converge to create the experience:

User profiles and social features

Myliberla allows members to track reading stats, follow friends and experts, post reviews, add books to public reading lists, and join groups based on reading tastes. This fosters an active community.

Content acquisition and management

At the core is an extensive collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and texts obtained through partnerships with libraries and archives. Content curation tools make this content easily discoverable.

Reading applications and plugins

Apps and plugins for devices and browsers give users options for reading, listening, and engaging with books. The experience is customized and seamless across platforms.

Security, privacy, and accessibility

It does not sell user data and upholds strict privacy standards. The service complies with ADA and international accessibility guidelines as well. Security measures prevent hacking and abuse.

Myliberla Benefits

It offers some unique advantages:

Access to free ebooks and audiobooks

Users can freely access an extensive library of books without paid subscriptions. This opens up knowledge that is locked behind paywalls on other platforms.

Community engagement

Crowd-sourced reviews, lists, and ratings plus social features create a sense of community around books. Users can engage with friends and experts.


Apps and plugins allow customization so users can tailor the reading experience across devices to their preferences.

Open model

Anyone can help enhance it by contributing book data, reviews, and discussions. The evolving community-driven model keeps it vibrant.

The Future

As an open and evolving platform, it has ambitious plans:

Expanding content and library

The goal is to continually expand the collection through new partnerships while respecting copyrights. Adding more audiobooks, academic works, and titles in more languages is a priority.

New features

Upcoming features like reading challenges, virtual book clubs, and new apps will enrich the user experience. Machine learning will power personalized recommendations.

Outreach, accessibility, and growth

It aims to reach new readers worldwide through outreach programs, especially increasing access in developing nations. Adding more accessibility features is also key.

Evolving a community-owned platform

The vibrant user community will continue shaping the model. More user contributions and involvement in governance are long-term goals.


Myliberla is transforming how we access and experience books. By providing a freely accessible and community-driven platform for ebooks and audiobooks, it promotes the open exchange of knowledge. As it continues to evolve, it promises to expand opportunities for engaging with books globally. The possibilities of this community-owned library are just beginning.


How do I get the most out of myliberla?

Take full advantage of community features by posting reviews and joining discussion groups. Browse outside your usual genres for surprising new finds tailored to your literary tastes. Make use of apps and plugins to customize your reading experience.

Can I access Myliberla on all my devices?

Yes, it has free apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, and more. Your books and reading progress sync across all apps and browsers.

Is it really free to use?

Yes, absolutely. All core features are free. Some optional paid services like cover images for self-published books are available but not required.

What types of books does it offer?

From public domain classics to contemporary bestsellers and everything in between. You’ll find fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, comics, audiobooks, and more.

How current are the titles on Myliberla?

While public domain books are the majority, thousands of newer contemporary titles are added all the time through library partnerships. New bestsellers take a bit longer to appear but the catalog is always growing.
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