How To Make Money From Blogging in 2024

Nowadays, there is a world of the internet and almost everyone uses it. In the coming days, people will search the Internet for information related to earning money online, such as “What is blogging” or “How to earn money from blogging.” Today we will tell you in very simple words How To Make Money  Blogging in 2024.

What is blogging?

How do I make money from blogging through this website? Reading the article is called blogging. I keep bringing new important content for you every day to this website, so I do regular blogging and that is the blocking. To earn money from blogging, you can design a website on WordPress by first visiting Google’s blog spot or spending a little money.

Before blogging, you must bring certain things together. This job demands patience. Even after months, you may not benefit. You should keep blogging but do it more effectively.
We will try our best so that you can learn through this article how to earn money from blogging.

In earlier times, we had to read anything or if we had to get any information, we used to take the help of books, but in today’s world, we get this information through the internet. There are many such users on the Internet who collect information and make it available to the public. They are called bloggers.

But we want to know how to earn money from blogging, so first of all, we need to create a blog on the internet where we can write or share information.

How to create a blog, and How To Make Money  Blogging

Create a free blog (create a free blog) –It is not necessary that money be invested in it to start any work, but the beauty of the Internet is that a lot of work can be done on it for free. There are many such websites on the Internet where we can create our own blogs, but we would suggest that you join those websites that are authentic and best in terms of services.

Make Money From Blogging

There is no room for doubt in the name of Google, so if you want to start for free, then you can create your own blog by visiting Google’s famous blogging site. To create a blog on Google, you mainly need one email, from which you can sign up and create your blog. Remember, this blogging site is completely free.

How to Create a Premium Blog /Make Money  Blogging in 2024

If you want to present your blog in a very attractive way, then by spending a little money, you can give it the form of a website. Many bloggers are earning money from blogging nowadays by building their websites on WordPress. The total cost of this work could be close to 5000 rupees! You will use this money to buy a domain and hosting, and after that, the website will be designed.

Write an article after creating a blog.

While choosing the article, one thing must be kept in mind that you are writing the article according to your interest and knowledge, because you will be able to write it in a better way. For example, there are many areas like food, music, farming, games, and travel in which you can blog and give information.

I will be writing some articles on the blog and monetizing it to earn money. The meaning of monetization is very simple. If your blog gets monetized, then ads will appear on your blog for which any company will pay you money. Usually, this becomes a difficult task for bloggers, but there are many tools with the help of which you can monetize your website. So now we move on to where and how monetization happens.

How to monetize your Blog

We can monetize our blog in many places, but the name of Google AdSense comes up mainly in these. Ads come to our blog through Google AdSense, and money is earned from them. Google is one such website that authentically and genuinely helps bloggers earn money.

How To Make Money  Blogging in 2022 If your blog is one month old and about 10 articles have been published on it, then you can apply for monetization. Once you apply, you do not have to stop writing, but you must keep writing at least one article every day so that your blog continues to run smoothly. When your blog gets the approval of Google AdSense, then Google will show ads to your readers on your blog and will give you money in return. After searching the Internet, you can easily learn how to apply for Google AdSense.

Facebook allows you to make money.

There are many bloggers who earn money by monetizing their articles on Facebook. If you also have a page on Facebook, then you can monetize your website with Facebook and earn good money. For this, you will have to gather information about Facebook Instant Articles. Ads are shown by Facebook on the blogs appearing on Instant Article and Facebook pays for them. If you are a good blogger, then you can easily earn close to $1,000 every month, but you need to keep working continuously.

A requirement to earn money from blogging

Friends, it is very important to know about the request of anything before doing it, because when you sit down to do that thing, then you may start reading the requirements of different things during that time. That’s why you should know about these things in advance so that we can start our work directly. So let’s know what the requirements are to earn money from blogging. which information is given below in the following form.

You must have a website to earn money from blogging, and you can easily design a WordPress website in just one hour for free or by spending a little money.

To do blogging, you have to have a topic close to your heart, i.e., there should be a topic of blogging in which you feel comfortable and expert.

You need to have an internet connection to do blogging.

To earn money from blogging, you will need a computer or any mobile Android device.

The most important thing is that to earn money from blogging, you have to be patient.

continuity When we do any work with continuity, we must have success in it.

20 Ways to make money from blogging in 2024

Friends, there are a lot of ways to earn money from blogging. But first of all, you have to start blogging and there should also be a dedication inside yourself to start blogging. The more traffic you are able to bring to your blog, the more money you can earn by blocking every day.

There is no one limit set for earning money from blogging, i.e., you can earn unlimited money from blogging, and not only that, you can earn lifetime money. Just pay attention to quality content and then keep working regularly, that too with a good working strategy. So let’s move on to the article and learn about 20 ways to make money from blogging.

1. Earn money by using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the first choice of people who earn money from blogging. Google AdSense is Google’s product, and by monitoring our blog with Google AdSense, we can earn money by putting ads on it.

If your blog is ready and you write 15 to 20 or even more articles on it and post them, then you can apply for it. Based on our experience, approval of Google AdSense should be granted only when 200 or more visitors start coming to our website daily.

The chances of getting AdSense approval increase by adopting this trick. That is why you should monetize your blog on Google AdSense only when you have a little real-time and unique organic traffic coming to the website. Now let’s understand the detailed information about how to create an account for Google AdSense and how to sign up for Google AdSense as follows.

How do I create an account on Google AdSense?

First of all, you have to go to the official website of Google AdSense and open its home page.

After visiting the AdSense official website, you will see an option to sign up here, which you can use to create your AdSense account.

When your Google AdSense account is approved, you will get Google AdSense’s dashboard, and you will go to that dashboard and be given a unique code to monitor Google AdSense from your website. You will have to copy that code.

Now you go to the theme of your website and paste it in its header.

Then the ad will start coming on your website and whenever a visitor clicks on that side, you will get money in return and that money will go to your AdSense account.

2. Use to make money.

It is just like Google AdSense. It is also an ad network and is called the best alternative to Google AdSense. Now you must be wondering that when all the features are similar to its ads, then what is the need for us to use it? Let us tell you that sometimes, for some reason, Google Adsense becomes disabled, or let us say that our Adsense account itself is banned.

if we have to earn money from blogging, then it is very important for us to be an alternative to auditions. if for some reason AdSense is also disabled, then in such a situation, we can re-monitor our website by using the suicide network company. but one of the most negative points of this company is that it can only monetize the English website, perhaps so far, it has not been provided with the feature of giving approval to people for the Hindi website or for other regional languages. if you have an English website, then this ad network company can be a very good option for you.

3. Earn money with Ezoic.

Ezoic is also an alternative ad network to Google AdSense. Here you get a lot of plus points. The first plus point is that you can also get your Hindi website monetized in it, and not only that, you can also get the website made in any regional language monetized.

It is recognized by Google AdSense and other large companies, so you can put your trust in it completely. If you have a Google Adsense account, then in such a situation, through this company, you get quick approval to get your website monetized. Not only this, friends, it has 4 to 5 times more good income than Google Adsense.

Earlier, we used to have a monthly visitor request of more than 10,000 to get its approval, but now you have fewer than 10,000 visitors, so it doesn’t matter. Even then, this ad company has started giving you approval. In this, you get the facility to join its partner programmer as you wish, level-wise and non-level-wise.

In the same way, we give a part of our revenue to Google AdSense, in the same way, we have to give it too, but as we cross its level, the more it will give us revenue, and there will come a time when you will be able to get 100% revenue from this ad network company.

4. Make money with affiliate marketing.

By the way, those who want to earn money online have a little bit of information about affiliate marketing, or you must have heard the name of affiliate marketing. If there is a lot of traffic coming to your website, then my friend, you can earn good money every month through your website by doing affiliate marketing.

Friends, apart from the ad network, you can also generate extra income from affiliate marketing. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart that are running affiliate marketing programs. You can join the partner programmer of the company running any affiliate programs at your convenience and earn extra income by adding it to it.

Make money with affiliate marketing.
Make money with affiliate marketing

After you join the affiliate program, to sell any of their products, just put their affiliate link on your website anywhere where you are comfortable, and then when a visitor parks a product on the affiliate link you have installed, you will get money in return for it. Friends are an extra and best way to earn money from blogging.

Note: On physical products, you get a commission of 1–20%. But if your blog is related to software, then you will also get a commission of up to 50%.

5. Accept sponsored posts to earn money.

My friends, you’ve probably heard of sponsored videos on many YouTube channels, in which they promote or review a product. In the same way, we also get sponsored posts in blogging. If your website is in any category, and in that category, if any of your keywords have been in the first position of Google, through its keywords, you will get good traffic as well and your other posts will be ranked on Google. In such a situation, someone related to your topic will contact you.

On that post, one of your products will ask you to promote it, or you can ask the company to make a post public on your website on its behalf. If your deal is finalized with the company, then the company gives you money in return for it. If you want to keep getting sponsored posts, then it is mandatory for you to create a page of about on your website, and, at the same time, you should also give your email ID there so that anyone can easily contact you.

How do you get sponsored posts for yourself? If there is a company providing sponsor posts through which you can get sponsor posts for your website, then it doesn’t matter if a company contacts you or not. It doesn’t matter to you that this company will automatically provide sponsor posts according to the topic of your website.

To use this website, you have to first create your own account and get approval. To get approval, you will need to get at least 8000 to 7000 unique visitors per month on your website. If you are completing this eligibility criteria, you will get its approval very quickly.

Its service is completely free, and you have a good chance of getting a sponsored post here. Not only that, you can set the amount of the sponsor post yourself there. If the amount of your sponsor post is liked by someone and will be in his budget, then he will contact your profile to get the sponsor post. In this way, you can also earn money through blogging while sitting at home.

6. Make money by guest posting

Just like sponsored posts, there is also guest posting. Just a little bit of the formula changes here. If you have to rank on Google’s post page, then you need to get backlinks, and everyone will know this. If you find a website that delivers content just like your website and whose reputation is good with Google, and at the same time, there is a good amount of traffic on it every month, then you would like to get backlinks from it. Your answer will be yes. How can we miss this opportunity at all?

So my friends, the owners of the website that receives a lot of high traffic and becomes a good website in the eyes of Google, make Mohiya an option for guest posting on their website to earn money. Both the website that facilitates guest posting and the one that wants backlinks from guest posting benefit. Whichever website owner publishes your guest post on his website, giving you backlinks, he can charge you according to his terms in return.

If you want to provide the service of guest posting, then in such a situation, you have to create an action on your website and enter your email ID there so that whoever is interested can easily contact you. In today’s time, a lot of people are earning good money every month by blocking in this way also.

7. Make money by giving backlinks.

Friends, if there is good traffic on your website and the DA and PA of your website are good, then many people will contact themselves to get backlinks from you. Perhaps the question is in your mind: what are the backlinks? You can read this article of ours for this.

If someone has to rank in Google’s first position, then he needs backlinks because Google gives more recognition to websites that have backlinks from authority websites, i.e., your chances of getting good rankings increase significantly. That’s why people focus on creating backlinks and that too on high-authority websites.

You can now contact whoever needs backlinks from your website, and you can take some fixed charge from him for providing backlinks to him if you want, so you can earn good money by giving only backlinks every month.

8. Make money by creating private forms.

In today’s time, blogging has become so popular that almost every single person wants to design their own website. Not only this, but many people related to application development also need information nowadays so that they can develop their own apps and earn money.

If you have an audience, then you can ask that audio to join in a private form in which you will be able to help people in different ways according to their needs, or your team will be able to handle all those things. Now there will be a private form where only the premium members, i.e., those who have paid the fees, will be able to join it and get your support or the support of your team.

If you can teach certain things to people or have the ability to offer a service online, then you should motivate them to join the forum whenever you have a good audience. Many professional and experienced people are also making a lot of money every month in this way and are using it as a source of extra income.

9. make money by selling e-books

As an example, you have chosen a blogging category that you have mastered and have good experience in. If you have ranked your website on the first page of Google and good traffic is starting to come to your website every day, then one of the biggest opportunities for you is you write a good e-book in whatever subject you are running your website in.

How to create an eBook For the complete guide, you must read this article from beginning to end. You will also get a lot of help with this. Just as with a physical book, the e-book is also written in the same way, but you can keep the physical book anywhere according to your preference and touch it and feel it, but the e-book can only be used on the computer or in the digital journal and it can be read.

make money by selling e-books
make money by selling e-books

Now let us further understand a little bit about the process of creating an e-book, which is explained in detail in the following form.

If your computer does not have MS Word, then first download it and then open it.

Whatever subject you want to write your own book on, here you start writing it and start writing it in the most attractive form so that people are also interested in reading it and getting some help from it.

After writing the e-book, you have to check it once to make sure there are no grammar mistakes or lines written in it that will make it difficult for people to understand.

After doing all this, you have to save your e-book in the format of a pdf.

Now you can use a website like Crello or Canva to make a cover for your written book.

When your e-book is fully ready, upload it for sale on your website.

For the one who has to pay for it, you have to give them the option of a payment gateway like Instamojo or Razorpay so that they can make their payment to buy the e-book and get access to your e-book.

If you want to sell your e-book through direct sales, then how do you earn money from the e-book? Read our article in detail. In addition to the websites mentioned in this article, where can we directly sell the e-book? All the information about this has been explained in detail.

10. make money by offering a service

If you can provide a service to people on that topic on which you have built your website, then it is very good for you because this is for you, whether it becomes a source of income or not. For this, you have to create a landing page related to your service on your website, and on the landing page, you must enter the information related to your service.

So that people can know which service you are going to provide here the rate of those services must also be displayed there so that if someone is planning to take an instant service, then you can buy your service from there immediately. Many people are earning money in this way, and you can easily make extra income through this method by using your blog.

11. make money by creating a course

My friend, you can make any course on your website related to your blogging below and sell it online. You may have seen many such websites that aesthetically beautify the article as well as the course through your website. All you have to do is prepare a good value and use the full course related to your block bottom so that people show their interest in buying it.

Then, do you make your course live on your website and at the same time set a fee to buy the course there? Then you also put a payment gateway on your website so that people can complete the payment and buy your course. In this way, money can be easily earned by blogging, and many people are also earning at present.

12. Earn money by selling physical goods

As an example, if your website is based on beauty and you have written many articles related to beauty on your website and have also created many categories that are giving you good response and traffic, then there is an option for you to make a very good extra income. Make Money  Blogging in 2022

Many of you must have heard about wu-commerce, and many people even make money by using it. You just have to connect with any such wu-commerce company on your website that sells beauty products, and its commission gives you a good amount.

After that, you have to make all its products live on your website through the WooCommerce plugin and also put the payment gateway here. Many people make money this way, and you can too.

13. make money by selling digital products

In a digital product, you can sell a useful gadget, software, a plugin, a theme, and many other similar digital products can use the traffic coming to your website to send them all this.

The demand for digital products that are in high demand nowadays is very high because, in today’s time, people have started to show their faith in digital products much more than before. You can also do this type of affiliate if you want, or you can set up some clocks on the website and sell digital wu-commerce products directly. You have to put the option of a payment gateway on your website, and then, in this way, you can also earn money through your blogging.

14. Earn money by doing freelance work. 

You can also provide the service of freelancing on your website. Just as you can make a service sale on your website, you can also provide a freelancing service in the same way. If your website is based on web development or any topic that is going to benefit people, and there is good traffic on your website, then it is a very good thing for you.

For example, if your website is a website where you are teaching people something and there is good traffic on your side, then you can create a page on your website where you can show people the option of hiring me, so that if a person wants to come and learn something from you directly, he will take your service and hire you, and instead of that, you can charge him.

If you want, you can teach that person something and charge him money, or if you want, just charge the person he needs by giving the service. Friends, many people are making money by blocking and making good money every month, so why can’t you? You can also earn.

15. Make money by putting banners on the website.

We have seen that on the websites that become popular and on which more and more traffic starts coming, people want to place their product, their website, or any other platform as an ad banner and are ready to pay for it no matter how many casts they are.

If your website has become popular and there is a good amount of traffic on your website every day, then in such a situation, you can give the option of a banner ad at any place on your website. Whoever has to put a banner on your website will contact you. Keep in mind that there should be a page about your website and there should also be your email ID there so that people can easily contact you.

You can put the banner ad on your website for how long you can put up a banner ad for your client and what charge you can take from it during the conversation with the client. If the deal is finalized, then you can earn a good amount of money on your website by just putting up banner ads every month.

16. Earn money by shortening URL

If you give the pdf download link of your post on your website or give a pdf download link of anything else or any download link, then you can earn good money every month by using the URL shortener website to use the traffic of your website.

Those who make money online or seek information on how to make money must have heard of URL shorteners. Then you can use the traffic of your website to earn money through the URL shortener website, through which a hefty earning can be made every month.

17. offer a way to earn money through a sidebar link

Many websites put offer links in the empty space that remains in their sidebar, and you can give this offer link to any company or businessman. In return, you will get a commission from the company when a product is bought through you. At the same time, if a businessman gets an offer on your website, you will charge him a fixed amount in return. can.

18. make money by publishing a blogger’s interview

There are many bloggers coming who, first of all, get the interviews done to get their publicity on big websites. When your website is mentioned on big websites, Google has a positive impact on it, and the chances of you getting a good ranking increase significantly.

That is why all the new bloggers who are coming up in today’s time are first of all getting their interviews on big and different websites published with the websites. If there is good traffic on your website and your website is popular in the eyes of the public, then any blogger will definitely contact you and ask you to publish your interview on the website.

If you like it, then you can write a little bit about other bloggers or other websites and publish that person’s interview on the website. And friends, let us tell you for your information that those people who publish this type of interview on different websites want their name at the top, if you have given a place to 10 people in the interview, then the first person in it. The number should be theirs or their name should be somewhere along with the profile of their website. In this way, if a person keeps Tom and Chuck from you, you can also charge him good money in return for it.

19. make money by putting social media icon icons on websites.

Many people want to increase their social media followers because, nowadays, even through social media, if you have a good fan following number, then money can be earned by using many methods. If there is good traffic on your website every day and people stop at your website to spend their time on different things, then it is a very good thing for you.

If you want, you can install a windowgate of different social media platforms or a single platform to increase your social media followers there, and most people will also follow you. If you have someone who wants to increase the number of followers on their social media platform and you want to put a widget for it on your website, then you can charge good money from that person for this, and not only that, depending on how long you will keep showing it on your website, you can also charge for it.

20. Make money by accepting donations.

You must have seen many such websites where people take donations and people also give them donations. You can put the option of donation on your website and people who feel like it will provide you with donations from which you can earn. You can use the platform to accept any payment at your convenience and thus create a way to earn additional income through blogging.


In what ways can we make money after creating a blog?

As much as I’ve told you about the above 15 ways, you can make money using some of these methods.

When will we get money from the blog?

When you create a blog, you won’t get the money immediately afterward. Because your blog will be new and to bring traffic to it, you have to do SEO on your blog so that you will also start getting traffic like my blog. And the thing is, when will the money come from the blog? So the simple answer is that from the time there is traffic on your blog, you will be able to earn money from your blog.

Should the new blogger initially earn money from Google AdSense or from affiliate marketing?

The new blogger should use Google Adsense in the beginning so that he can learn about blogging well.

When will my Google AdSense money arrive?

From Google Adsense, money is transferred to your bank account between the 21st and the 30th of every month.

How much money do we get after depositing on Google Adsense?

When at least $100 is deposited in your Adsense account or more, then Google Adsense will transfer this money to your bank account that you may have added when you created the Adsense account.
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