Alliance Broadband: Plans, Benefits & Availability

Are you looking for a reliable and fast internet service provider in India? Do you want to enjoy unlimited data and access to various OTT platforms at affordable prices? If yes, then you might want to consider alliance broadband as your choice.

What is Alliance Broadband

Alliance Broadband is one of India’s leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It is known for providing high-speed broadband internet access, WiFi solutions, fiber connectivity, and internet telephony primarily in Kolkata and other major cities. The company was incorporated in 2003 and has built a reputation for reliable service and technical expertise.

Services Offered

Alliance offers the following key services:

  • High-speed internet access over fiber optic networks
  • WiFi solutions for housing complexes
  • Point-to-point fiber connectivity
  • Internet telephony

Cities Covered

Currently, Alliance Broadband services are available in the following cities:

  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad

However, most of the company’s infrastructure and focus is still centered around Kolkata.

Alliance Broadband Plans

Alliance offers different plans for Kolkata and the rest of India. Let’s look at the residential and corporate plans available in both regions.

Package NameBandwidthOTTOTT offerPriceValidity
ENTRY100 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 7006 months recharge
SMART125 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
3 months AMAZON PRIME free,
6 months Hotstar and SonyLIV free
RS. 8506 months recharge
CRUISE150 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 10006 months recharge
PREMIUM+175 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
VacantRS. 1150Vacant
SPEED+250 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
VacantRS. 1500Vacant
FLASH+400 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 2600Every month recharge
INNOVATOR510 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 3500Every month recharge
GIGABLAST1024 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 7000Every month recharge
STARTER60 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 500Vacant
ZOOM75 MbpsVacant3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 6006 months recharge
PRIME+100 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 6506 months recharge,
2 months free and
8 months recharge,
4 months free
PREFERRED+140 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 8506 months recharge,
2 months free and
8 months recharge,
4 months free
CORP_175175 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 1150Vacant
CORP_250250 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 1500Vacant
CORP_400400 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 2600Vacant
CORP_510510 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 3500Vacant
CORP_1G1024 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 7000Vacant

Kolkata Plans

Residential Plans

The residential plans in Kolkata start from ₹400 for 20 Mbps speed, going up to ₹2000 for 150 Mbps speed. Higher plans include subscriptions to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hoichoi, and more.

Corporate Plans

The corporate plans offer speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, priced between ₹725 to ₹7000 monthly. These plans do not include any OTT benefits.

Rest of India Plans

Residential Plans

For the rest of India, residential plans start from ₹500 for 50 Mbps to ₹2000 for 150 Mbps. OTT benefits on Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hoichoi, etc. are available on select plans.

Corporate Plans

Three corporate plans are offered in the rest of India – 100 Mbps, 125 Mbps, and 150 Mbps priced between ₹725 and ₹1400. No OTT benefits are offered.

Best Selling Plans

The ENTRY plan in Kolkata and the ENTRY+ plan for the rest of India are the best-selling residential plans currently. Both offer 60 Mbps speed with OTT benefits.

Getting a New Connection

Getting a new Alliance Broadband connection is simple and can be initiated online.

Online Process

To get a new connection, visit the Alliance website, fill in the online form with your address details, and submit it. An executive will get in touch to schedule installation.

Checking Availability

You can check Alliance Broadband availability in your area by entering your PIN code on their website under the “Find Your Alliance” tab. This is currently only available for checking Kolkata coverage.

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Installation Charges

The standard installation charge is ₹1500 but may vary depending on location and wiring needs. The charges are payable in advance.

Payments and Usage

Alliance Broadband offers multiple recharge options and tools to monitor usage.

Online Recharge

Recharges can be done directly on the website by logging in and paying via debit/credit cards, net banking, etc.

Payment Apps

Popular payment apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm can also be used for bill payment by selecting Alliance as a biller.

Checking Usage

The Alliance Broadband app allows you to check data usage statistics and keep track of your internet consumption.

Customer Service

Alliance focuses on providing reliable customer support.

Contact Information

For new connections or support, customers can call on +91 9874331155.

Service Quality

The company uses advanced systems and network monitoring tools to enable high-quality service. Customers can reach out for the resolution of issues and support requests.


Alliance Broadband offers fiber-powered, high-speed internet in Kolkata and key Indian cities. With a choice of plans for homes and businesses, bundled OTT benefits, and a customer-focused approach, Alliance aims to be a trusted internet service provider. Knowing the plans, installation process, and customer care details allows you to opt for their services.


Does Alliance offer static IP addresses?

Ans: Yes, Alliance provides the option of static IP addresses on request and additional payment for certain plans. This allows hosting servers, VPN access, etc.

Does Alliance provide a WiFi router on connection?

Yes, Alliance Broadband provides and installs a complimentary WiFi router on fixed line broadband connection for seamless wireless usage within the home/office.

Does Alliance Broadband have data caps on FUP?

Alliance Broadband plans come with high data limits and unlimited data options. No restrictive data caps are applicable. High speed is available throughout.
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