What is SEO and How it works Most Important SEO Tips

Because it doesn’t matter how good an article you write if it’s not ranked well, there’s almost no chance that people will read it. In this case, the authors’ work was for nothing.

In the digital age we live in now, the only way to be in front of millions of people at the same time is online.

Here, you can show people who you are through videos or reach out to them through what you write. But to do this, you have to go to the first pages of search engines because these are the pages that people like and trust the most.

But it’s not easy to get here because you have to SEO your articles well. This means that they need to be optimized in the right way for the search engine to rank them. This is known as SEO. In today’s article, we’ll find out what SEO is and how to do it. I gave you a lot of information about blogging that can help you make your blog successful.

But SEO is more important than all of those things because it keeps you in a good position to be successful as a blogger. Today, we’ll learn what search engine optimization is and why blogs need it.

SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” is a way to get our posts or pages to the top of any search engine. Everyone knows what a search engine is. When it comes to search engines, I can tell you that Google is the most popular one in the whole world. There are also Bing and Yahoo. With SEO, we can make sure that our blog is at the top of all search engines.

For example, if we go to Google and type in any keyword and hit “search,” Google will show you all the content that is related to that keyword. All of the content we see comes from different blogs.

The first result we see is at the top of Google’s list, and it has stayed there. On No.1, it means that SEO was used very well in that blog, which is why it has a lot of visitors and has become popular.

What is SEO and how to optimize

SEO helps us rank at the top of Google. This method puts your website at the top of the search engine’s list of results, which brings more people to your site.

If your website is at the top of the search results, people will go there first. This increases the chance that more and more people will visit your site, and your income will also start to get better. It is very important to use SEO to get more people to visit your website naturally.

If you’re serious about making money from blogging, you should watch the video below. Look at something again if you don’t understand it. Also, for your convenience, we’ve started a whole series of blog posts. The link to it on our YouTube channel is above.


The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization“. Hindi transformation of SEO to “Search Engine Optimization“.

Why is it important to have an SEO blog?

Now that you know what SEO is, let’s talk about why it matters for a blog. We use SEO to make sure people can find our website.

Let’s say I made a website and put up good, high-quality content on it. If I don’t use SEO, however, people won’t be able to find my website and it won’t be useful.

If we don’t use SEO, when a user searches for a keyword, even if your website has content about that keyword, the user won’t be able to find your website.

This is because the search engine won’t be able to find your site or store its content in its database. This will make it really hard for people to visit your website. So, it is very important for your site to have good SEO.

SEO is not that hard to learn, and if you do, you can improve your blog and make it more valuable to search engines.

When you learn SEO and put it to use on your blog, you won’t see results right away, so be patient and do your work. Because being patient pays off and you will definitely see the color of your hard work.

I’ve already talked about why it’s important to do SEO for ranking and traffic.

Why is SEO (search optimization engines) so important?

Let’s learn more about why search engine optimization is important:

  • Most people who use the Internet use search engines to find answers to their questions. In this case, they pay more attention to the search engine’s top results. So, if you want to get in front of people, you need to use SEO to rank your blog, too. That is, you have to go to the first page of Google’s search results. SEO isn’t just for search engines; good SEO
  • practices also help users have a better experience and make your website easier to use.
  • Users tend to trust the top results, which makes them more likely to trust that site. Because of this, it is very important to know and stay up-to-date when it comes to SEO.
  • SEO helps get your website or blog noticed on social media. People who find your website through a search engine like Google usually share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
  • SEO is a must if you want to get more people to visit your website.
  • SEO lets you stay one step ahead of your rivals. For example, if two websites sell the same things, the one that is optimized for SEO will bring in more customers and make more money, while the other websites won’t be able to do the same.

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Their jobs are very different, so let’s also find out about them.

what is seo
Types of SEO

What is on-page SEO?

Your blog uses on-page SEO. This means that your website needs to be set up in a way that is good for SEO.

Use the template on your website and make sure to follow the SEO rules. Writing good content and using the best keywords that people search for the most.

Putting keywords in the right places on the page, like the title, meta description, and content, makes it easier for Google to figure out what your content is about. This helps Google rank your website quickly on the Google page, which brings more people to your blog.

How to do on-page SEO

Here, we’ll learn some good ways to do on-page SEO for our blog or website.

1. Website Speed
From an SEO point of view, a site’s speed is a very important link. According to a survey, no one visits a blog or website for less than 5 to 6 seconds.

If it doesn’t open in this amount of time, he moves on to another. This is also true for Google because if your blog takes a long time to load, Google gets the message that this blog is not very good or very fast. Ensure your site’s speed.

Here are some important things you can do to make your website or blog go faster:

  • Use themes that are easy and appealing.
  • don’t use a lot of them.
  • Keep the size of the picture small.
  • You should use the plug-ins W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

The navigation Your blog or website should be easy to move around so that visitors and search engines have no trouble going from one page to the next. The easier it is to move around a website, the easier it is for a search engine to move around the site.

3. Title Tag
Make the title tag on your website very good, so that if a visitor reads it, they will click on your title as soon as possible. This will also increase your CTR.

How to make a good title tag: Don’t use more than 65 words in your title, because Google stops showing the title tag in searches after 65 words.

How to write the post’s URL Keep your post’s URL as simple and short as possible.

Internal links are a great way to get your post to rank higher. This lets you link pages that are related to each other. This makes it easy to rank all of your pages that link to each other.

Alt Tag: Put pictures in the posts on your site. Because images can bring in a lot of traffic, don’t forget to add an ALT TAG to them when you use them.

We all know that this is a very important link about content, headings, and keywords. Because “content is king,” and the better your content, the higher your site’s value. So write at least 800 words of content.

This lets you give full information, and it’s good for SEO as well. Don’t steal or replicate others’ work.

Heading: Your article’s headings are very important for SEO, so you should pay extra attention to them. The title of the article is H1, and the headings that come after it can be named H2, H3, etc. You must use the focus keyword with this.

Keyword: When you type the article, use the LSI keyword. This makes it easy to connect people’s searches. With this, you can make the important keywords stand out by making them bold. This will let Google and visitors know that these are important keywords, which will get their attention.

Here are some important things to know about SEO on a page.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO has everything to do with blogs. In off-page SEO, we have to promote our blog by doing things like commenting on popular blogs’ articles and adding a link to our website, which is called a “backlink.” Backlink is very helpful for the website.

Make an interesting page about your website on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora, and get more people to follow it. This will help you get more people to visit your website.

Submit a popular guest post to their blog, so that visitors to their blog will learn about you and start coming to your website.

How to do off-page SEO

Here, I’ll tell you about some off-page SEO strategies that will help you a lot in the long run.

Search Engine Submission:  Your website should be submitted in the right way to all search engines.

Bookmarking: Your blog or website’s pages and posts should be sent to a website for bookmarking.

Directory Submission: Add your blog or website to a popular, high-PR directory.

Social Media: Make a page for your blog or website and a profile on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Link your blog or website to these pages.

Classified Submission: You can advertise your website for free on the Free Classified Website.

Q&A site: You can ask any question on the question-and-answer site and link to your own site.

Blog commenting: From your blog, you can go to a related blog, comment on its posts, and link to your website (the link should be put up where the website is written)

You can post an image of your website on Pinterest. This is a great way to get more people to visit your site.

Guest Post: From your website, you can go to a related blog and do a guest post there. This is the best way to get a do-follow link that works.

What is SEO 

What is local search engine optimization (SEO)?

A common question is, “What is local SEO?

If you put the words local and SEO together, you get these two words. That is, local SEO is SEO that is done with a local audience in mind.

It is a method of optimizing your website or blog in a certain way so that it ranks higher on search engines for people in your area.

With a website, you can reach the whole internet. If you only want to reach people in one area, you need to use local SEO.

In this, you have to optimize both the name of your city and its address. In a nutshell, you need to optimize your site so that people can get to know you both online and offline.

Example of Local SEO

If you have a local business, like a shop, where people come to see you often, you can make it easier for them to find you in person by optimizing your website.

If you only focus on one of your own local areas and optimize your site for search engines in that way, you’ll be fine. “Local SEO” is the term for this type of SEO.

How are SEO and Internet marketing different from each other?

People have a lot of questions about SEO and marketing on the internet. They think that sometimes the two are the same. But to answer this, I’d like to say that SEO is a tool, and it can also be thought of as a part of internet marketing. This makes it very easy to market on the Internet.


SEO IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF SEM. WITHOUT SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a way for a blogger to set up his blog or website so that its articles rank well in search engines and bring free traffic to his blog.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a way to make your blog more visible in search engines so that you can get traffic, either for free (SEO) or for money (PPC) (paid search advertisement).

The main goal of SEO is to properly optimize your blog or website so that it ranks higher in search engines. On the other hand, SEM gives you more than SEO. Because it doesn’t just include free traffic, but also things like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, etc.

Basic SEO Terms

If you have a website or blog, you know a lot about how basic SEO works. But I know that many of you don’t know even the most basic SEO terms.

So I thought, why not tell you some very important basic SEO terms so you can also know about it?


It’s a backlink from another website to yours. It is also called its link or just link. From an SEO point of view, backlinks are very important because they have a direct effect on where a page ranks in a search.


Google uses an algorithm called PageRank to figure out where on the web the most important pages are.

Anchor text

The anchor text that can be clicked on in a backlink is called the “anchor.” If your keyword is messed up in your anchor text, it will also help you a lot from an SEO point of view.

Title Tag

Title Tag is mostly a page’s title, which is a very important part of how Google’s search algorithm works.

Meta Tags

When the meta tag uses the title tag, search engines know what the pages are about.

Search Algorithm

With Google’s search algorithm, we can find out which pages on the Internet are most relevant. Google’s search algorithm is made up of about 200 algorithms.


Search Engine Results Page is the full name for it. It basically only shows pages that Google’s search engine thinks are important.

Keyword Density

This number tells you how many times each keyword was used in the article. From an SEO point of view, keyword density is very important.

Keyword Stuffing

For example, I’ve already said that keyword density is very important from an SEO point of view. Keyword stuffing, on the other hand, is when a keyword is used more than it needs to be. This kind of SEO is called “negative” because it hurts your blog.


It’s not much, just a file kept at the root of the domain. Using this, search engines can figure out how the website is set up.

What are organic and inorganic results?

On the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), there are two kinds of listings: organic and inorganic.

In this case, we have to pay Google for a paid listing. That is, they get paid and have to pay money for it.

At the same time, organic listings are free, which means that we can also get to the top of Google without spending money, but you have to do SEO first.


THAT DOESN’T HAVE A SIMPLE ANSWER. Because SEO is always changing, no one will ever be able to fully master it.

If you are serious about blogging, you should keep the information about the SEO tutorial. They will help you a lot in the future if you do this. SEO doesn’t have any rules, but it does use Google’s algorithms and is always changing.

One thing to remember is that if someone says they are a big SEO expert, you shouldn’t believe them because no one has mastered SEO yet.

Only this is true, and it changes over time and according to what is needed. However, the Google SEO guide still has some core parts that are always the same. Because of this, it is important for bloggers to always keep up with the latest SEO technology.

This way, you’ll know what’s going on in the market and can make the changes you need to your articles, which will help you rank in the long run.

Yes, SEO is always changing. This is because the algorithm of the search engine is always changing, in the same way, we also have to change the SEO in our site so that it appears on the top in the SERP.
What is the best way to use SEO?
No SEO strategy is the best. This is because the strategy or technology of SEO is always changing. Therefore, it would not be right to consider one strategy as the best. It is better that you keep doing your own research and experiment, it will make you know about the right working things.
Does Page Speed important keep google Rankings?
Yes, page speed has a different importance in Google rankings. used to. The faster your page loads, the easier it is to rank on Google.
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