8 most expensive plants in the world


Shenzhen Nongke Orchid (USD $202,000)

This orchid is a man-made hybrid that took 8 years to develop. It is the most expensive flower ever sold at auction.

Queen of the Night

This flower is also known as the Queen of the Night. It is a rare and fragrant flower that blooms only at night and dies by sunrise.

Juliet Rose (USD $5 million)

This rose was developed by David Austin Roses in England. It took 15 years to develop and is known for its deep pink color and long-lasting petals. 

Variegated Monstera Obliqua (USD $23,000)

This is a rare and sought-after variety of Monstera. It is known for its white variegation, which gives the leaves a beautiful mottled appearance. 

Philodendron Tortum (USD $10,000)

This philodendron is known for its twisted and contorted leaves. It is a rare and difficult to find plant.

Philodendron Pink Princess (USD $7,000

This philodendron is known for its pink variegation. It is a relatively new variety of philodendron and is becoming increasingly popular.

Monstera Esqueleto (USD $6,000)

This monstera is known for its skeleton-like leaves. It is a rare and unusual plant that is becoming increasingly popular.