Selena Gomez's Barbie-Themed Birthday Bash: 10 Hidden Surprises That Will Leave You Speechless

Guests nailed the "Barbie-inspired couture" code, looking magnificent in clothes inspired by legendary Barbie dolls.

The entire venue was turned into a life-size recreation of Barbie's iconic accessories and furniture.

As party favors, each guest received a personalized Barbie doll designed to resemble them, created by a renowned doll artist.

The food and beverages were specially curated with Barbie-themed names, paying homage to the iconic doll's favorite treats

Guests had a blast at the Barbie-themed photo booth, capturing moments that will live forever on social media.

A fun-filled Barbie trivia contest kept everyone entertained, testing their knowledge about the iconic doll and rewarding winners with special prizes

The night was filled with laughter and music as guests indulged in Barbie-themed karaoke, showcasing their vocal talents

Selena surprised her guests with an impromptu Barbie fashion show, featuring outfits inspired by different eras of Barbie's fashion evolution

The birthday celebration wasn't just about fun and glamour; Selena used the occasion to raise funds and awareness for a children's charity close to her heart

· Guests were treated to an exclusive screening of Barbie's latest animated movie, making the event a blend of real-life and Barbie's fantasy world.