15 Hidden Gems You Didn't Know About the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis offers intriguing alternate tales that players can explore to discover various results and playthroughs.

Ever Crisis has a large cast of characters from several FFVII games, including lesser-known characters, as well as well-known ones like Cloud and Sephiroth.

Ever Crisis extends the wide universe of the game beyond Midgar by providing well-known FFVII places with surprises and difficulties.

FFVII and Square Enix classics are honored through the Easter eggs found in Ever Crisis, providing nostalgia and references for fans.

Discover the hidden power of weapon modification, allowing you to combine various materials to produce formidable, distinctive weapons suited to your playstyle.

Get ready for epic encounters against difficult superbosses hiding throughout the game, which you must overcome with strategic mastery and skill.

Characters from other adored Square Enix titles occasionally make surprise appearances in games, creating a fun crossover factor.

Ever Crisis offers players unique cutscenes that shed new light on crucial episodes in the FFVII saga and reveal undiscovered tales.

The game frequently runs brief promotions with special incentives, enticing players to stick around and check back for fresh stuff.

Esper or Aeon summoning is more interactive than ever before, demanding players to actively engage in the summoning process.

Utilize the photo mode to capture and share in-game moments with friends while diving into FFVII's beautiful universe.

Join forces with friends or other players to overcome difficult obstacles in real-time co-op combat by planning ahead and coordinating your efforts.

Ever Crisis gives players ethically dubious options that have an impact on the path of the story and characters and have different results.

Experience a blend of freshly composed music and remastered classics in Ever Crisis, which wonderfully accentuates the game's emotionally charged moments.

Square Enix has made references to Ever Crisis' linkages to upcoming Final Fantasy VII games, suggesting a common universe and more expansive narrative.