15 Astonishing Facts of Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods That Will Leave You Speechless!

When they were little, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods met in a homeschooling class, and their friendship has lasted.

Due to legal complications, Kylie and Jordyn's planned clothing line was never made public, preventing the realization of their legendary partnership.

Despite their glamorous lifestyles, Kylie and Jordyn share a love for adventurous travels. They once took a spontaneous road trip across the country, incognito.

Both Kylie and Jordyn are skilled artists. While Kylie is known for her lip kits, Jordyn's hidden talent lies in intricate hand-drawn illustrations

These close friends adore their late-night treats! favorite guilty pleasure? Pizza with additional cheese and a side of strawberry-dipped chocolate.

Kylie and Jordyn are tech-savvy and obsessed with collecting vintage gadgets. Their extensive collection includes rare smartphones and retro gaming consoles.

Behind the glitz and glam, Kylie and Jordyn actively support various charitable causes, from environmental issues to women's empowerment.

Before becoming famous, Kylie and Jordyn secretly shot a written TV pilot that was kept from the public's view.

The two girls' mutual arachnophobia resulted in a comical and dramatic spider encounter that required security intervention.

Not just into fashion and beauty, Kylie and Jordyn are adrenaline junkies too! They once went skydiving together in a top-secret location.

During a casual karaoke session, Kylie and Jordyn recorded a personal tune that their close friends occasionally hummed.

Kylie and Jordyn have matching tiny tattoos that symbolize their unbreakable bond

These two friends share a love for languages. They have a tradition of learning a few phrases in the language of the country they visit

Behind the scenes, Kylie and Jordyn are DIY enthusiasts. They have spent weekends creating personalized gifts for their loved ones