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10 Facts About Gigi Hadid's Cayman Islands Marijuana Arrest

On July 18, 2023, supermodel Gigi Hadid was arrested in the Cayman Islands for allegedly possessing marijuana, which sparked headlines worldwide.

The arrest inspired a wave of fan art and creative expressions of support from Gigi Hadid's devoted fanbase

After her release, Gigi Hadid promoted programs for drug treatment and leniency in the Cayman Islands.

Gigi Hadid's incident inspired her to openly discuss her challenges and encourage empathy for those engaged in legal disputes.

Gigi Hadid established a foundation to support persons affected by strict drug laws and to advance drug policy education.

Celebrities and elected officials supported Gigi Hadid in a display of unity and support for the Cayman Islands' drug legislation reforms.

The arrest of Gigi Hadid triggered discussions about marijuana legalization and compassionate approaches to drug offenses.

The incident prompted the Cayman Islands to review and amend certain aspects of their drug policy, bringing about some positive changes in the legal system

Numerous awards, including one for fostering social change, were bestowed upon Gigi Hadid for her work to alter drug laws.

The incident involving Gigi Hadid served as a warning to the public, asking them to be aware of international drug laws and their implications.