The role of React Native developers in building successful mobile apps

The number of active mobile users has increased exponentially in the last decade. And the smartphone revolution has been actively followed by a flood of millions of applications. Businesses are creating applications to capture their target audience’s attention and engage with them.

In this highly competitive market of mobile applications, the framework you choose for building your app is very important. Facebook’s framework React Native has remained a popular choice for a long time among developers. And despite years of domination, it continues to be a preferred framework for many apps. To tackle the rise in the demand for skilled React Native developers, companies are now turning to the Indian market. Due to India’s well-known specialization in producing quality tech talents, it’s obviously the trend to go with.

The decision to hire React Native developers in India can prove to be a masterstroke if executed right. The pool is rich but the choices are too many and hence, you need to be careful. You need to ensure as an employer that the talent you pick suits your needs specifically.

But what exactly makes React Native developers so special? What is it that they do in their jobs to cement their position in the mobile app ecosystem? Let’s understand better through the course of this article.

What is React Native?

Facebook launched React Native as an open-source framework back in March 2015. It enables the developers to create JavaScript and React-based mobile applications. The biggest USP of React Native is that it eliminates the need for separate codes for iOS & Android. It offers cross-platform development and hence, helps you reach a wider audience, more efficiently. Let’s understand what aspects of React Native make it a popular choice:


The virtual DOM (Document Object Model) of React Native ensures only the elements with edits are re-rendered. This helps improve the speed and performance of the app.

Live and Hot Reloading:

Developers can view the ongoing edits in real time and hence, streamline the development process better.

Rich Ecosystem:

Due to a wide range of pre-built components readily available, the development process gets accelerated.

Community Support:

React Native has a huge community of developers due to its open-source nature. This leads to frequent updates, bug fixes, and plenty of readily available resources at the developer’s disposal.

Native Modules:

It integrates seamlessly with native modules which is very important. It makes it easy to include native code in some cases whenever found necessary.

React Native has a ton of features and abilities on offer and they make it easy to justify its popularity. If you want your business to have a robust, high-quality mobile app – React Native is the way to go!

Role of React Native Developers in App Development:

Cross-Platform Development:

This is the biggest USP of React Native and genuinely so. When you can use a single codebase for both iOS and Android, it saves you a ton of time. Not only that, it brings consistency to the user experience across platforms. No matter what platform it is, React Native apps never have an abrupt user experience. Using all the tools on offer, they ensure that the overall design, functionality, and user experience remain consistent.

Component-Based Architecture:

The structure of this framework is designed to work on each element. So the developers can craft such components that manage their state and then put them all together to create a complex, more detailed user experience. This brings in more flexibility and versatility in the interface as well as the development process.

It makes life easier for the developers by streamlining the entire process. They can utilize the pre-built components and pace up the development process quite a lot.

Performance Optimization:

While React Native offers near-native performance out of the box, there are instances where optimization is required, especially for complex apps. React Native developers employ various techniques to enhance app performance. This includes optimizing images, reducing the number of active components, and utilizing tools like Proguard for Android and Hermes for improved JavaScript performance. By continuously monitoring the app’s performance metrics and making necessary tweaks, developers ensure that the app runs smoothly, even under heavy user loads.

Integration with Native Features:

Mobile apps usually have access to some features of the device like camera, GPS, and more. The React Native developers can seamlessly integrate them with the app. They use native code if and when necessary and end up extracting the device’s full potential. It provides the user with a comprehensive app experience.

Integration with Native

Key Attributes to Seek in a React Native Developer:

When you are looking to hire a React Native developer in India, you must look beyond just technical expertise. There are several other aspects that you must take into account while making this very important decision. Here are some of them for your reference, you may find even more according to your specific requirements:

Technical Expertise:

The developer must be well-versed with React Native’s basics and features. This technical knowledge is very important for creating a great user experience. While having this is a must, it’s not everything a developer needs.

Portfolio Review:

This is something most hiring managers don’t do right. Always analyze their past projects and their insights in depth. This increases the app’s adaptability

Soft Skills:

Being a good communicator is paramount. It helps make collaborative projects easier and more efficient. Good communication skills reduce the chances of friction and actually play a vital role in the project’s success.

If the hiring managers keep these points in mind, they are most likely to end up with a developer who is tailor-made for their needs. The newly hired talent must align with the project’s needs and the company’s values.


React Native has brought a revolution in the mobile app development area since its launch. It’s a hot favorite of developers across the world for its efficiency, flexibility, and cross-platform abilities. When a business is trying to set up an experience rather than just registering its presence online, it needs an expert.

Once the employers/hiring managers understand the above-mentioned points a little better, it will guide them when they are looking to hire a React Native developer from India. Happy hiring!

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