RubMD: The Ultimate Guide to Your Health and Wellness

It might be difficult to find time to care for oneself in today’s busy world. Yet taking care of our mental health is more important than ever. That’s where the revolutionary new platform RubMD comes in. It makes it easy to connect with licensed therapists for convenient online counseling sessions right from your home

What is RubMD?

RubMD is an online marketplace for massage therapy, connecting clients with professional therapists in their area. It operates as an online directory where users can search for licensed massage therapists, read reviews, and easily book appointments online.

RubMD offers a wide variety of massage styles including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, Thai, shiatsu, and more. Users can find experienced massage therapists specializing in different techniques and target specific needs.

Key Features

  • Searchable directory of licensed massage therapists
  • Online booking and the ability to schedule appointments 24/7
  • User reviews and ratings for each therapist
  • Variety of massage types and specialties
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Secure encrypted payments
  • Appointment reminders and notifications

Massage Services Offered

Some of the main massage services provided include:

  • Swedish Massage: Light pressure massage using kneading, circular motions, and long strokes. improves circulation and supports releasing muscles.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Focuses on deeper muscles and connective tissues. Helps ease chronic pain and muscle knots.
  • Sports Massage: Targets muscles used in athletic activities. Helps improve flexibility and prevent injuries.
  • Prenatal Massage: Customized for comfort and safety during pregnancy. Alleviates muscle aches and anxiety.
  • Thai Massage: Combines gentle stretches with acupressure techniques. Performed on floor mats.
  • Reflexology: Applies pressure to reflex points on feet, hands, and ears. Stimulates organs and the nervous system.
  • Shiatsu: Japanese massage using kneading, pressing, stretching, and tapping motions along energy meridians.

How RubMD’s Online Booking Process Works

Finding a Therapist

Clients can search RubMD using filters like location, massage type, therapist gender, availability, and more. Detailed profiles provide information on each therapist like training, certifications, massage techniques, and pricing. Reviews from other clients help choose the right fit.

Booking Appointments

Once the ideal therapist is found, users can conveniently book appointments through RubMD’s website or mobile app. Appointments are available within 24 hours or can be scheduled in advance. Users also get reminders and notifications about upcoming bookings.


It offers easy and secure online payment processing. Payments are made during booking via credit card. Gift cards are also available. Receipts are provided electronically to keep booking records organized.

Reviews and Ratings

The two-way review system helps ensure quality services. Clients can leave feedback on their massage experiences while therapists are also reviewed. This level of transparency helps build trust in the community.

Benefits of Using RubMD

It offers several advantages that make it a great choice for therapeutic massage services:


Clients can search, book, modify, or cancel appointments 24/7 based on their schedule. It eliminates the need to make repeated calls during business hours.

Variety of Services

The extensive range of massage styles and therapists on RubMD allow clients to find the right service for their needs whether it’s pain relief, relaxation, or injury recovery.

Quality Assurance

The strict vetting process for therapists focuses on licensing and certifications, and reviews help maintain excellent service standards.

Cost Savings

Booking direct appointments through RubMD is more affordable than going to massage therapy franchises or paying spa membership fees. Bundled packages also offer deals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a RubMD Account

Here is how you can easily create your own account to start booking appointments:

Visit the RubMD Website

Go to the website and look for the sign-up button in the top right corner. Register for a new account.

Fill Out the New User Form

The form asks for your name, email address, phone number, and location. Use an email address that you still use.

Verify Your Email

After hitting submit, check your email. There will be a verification link from RubMD to confirm your registration. Click on it to complete signing up.

Once verified, you can sign into your account using your credentials. Start searching for therapists and enjoy the convenience of online booking!

Evaluating the Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of the most important pros and cons:


  • Wide Range of Services: From deep tissue to shiatsu, it offers diverse massage therapies to suit different needs.
  • Multiple Locations: With therapists available across the U.S., it’s easy to find one near you.
  • User-Friendly Website: The site makes searching for therapists and booking simple.
  • Straightforward Booking: Appointments can be easily scheduled online or via phone.
  • High-Quality Services: Strict vetting and licensing ensures skilled therapists.


  • Scheduling Hurdles: Some users have faced challenges with booking or canceling appointments.
  • Inconsistent Services: Reviews indicate some therapists may provide subpar massages.
  • Pricing Considerations: Rates might be higher than some other local providers.
  • Limited Therapist Details: More info on the qualifications of therapists would be helpful.
  • Uncertainty About the Future: Recent company changes create uncertainty about long-term operations.

Is RubMD safe to use?

Yes, It thoroughly screens all its massage therapists to ensure they are licensed professionals with valid credentials. Users can book appointments knowing therapists have cleared background checks.

What are the payment options?

It offers secure online payment processing through credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. For extra convenience, gift cards can also be purchased on the website.

Can I request a certain type of massage?

Absolutely. Users have full control over choosing the massage style, therapist qualifications, and technique. Feel free to pick whatever massage you prefer based on the listings and reviews.

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In summary, RubMD is transforming the world of massage by making booking convenient. Their vast range of vetted, licensed massage therapists can be accessed online along with user reviews. Payment is streamlined through secure online processing. Although pricing is higher, the quality assurance and breadth of services make it worth considering for your therapeutic massage needs. Just search for a therapist in your area, pick your massage type, schedule an appointment that fits your calendar, and relax!


Does RubMD offer mobile massage services at home?

Unfortunately, it does not provide mobile massage services. All bookings are for appointments at therapists’ professional offices and clinics. However, they have a wide network so you can easily find a therapist near your home.

I have a very specific medical condition. Can I find a suitable therapist?

Absolutely. The advanced search filters allow you to find therapists with experience in specialty areas like injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, pregnancy massage, etc.

Does RubMD offer chair massage services for events?

RubMD focuses on clinical massage services. For event and party chair massages, you would need to contact therapists directly or search vendors specializing in that service.

Can I get a discount as a new RubMD user?

Yes, it offers introductory discounts like 20% off the first booking for new users. Check their promotions section for the latest deals before booking your first appointment.
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