Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 is an exciting new light novel series that blends fantasy and magic with some intriguing sci-fi elements. It comes from Qidian, one of the largest online publishing platforms in China, and was written by author Shi Luo Ye. The series began publication in 2017 and has accumulated over 45 million views across Qidian’s apps. Even though it’s relatively new, Record of the Mightiest Lord has already developed a loyal readership hooked on its creative world and overpowered protagonist.

The story follows a genius magician named Leylin Farlier, who is reborn into a strange new world after dying on Earth. Despite being reborn as an ordinary village boy, Leylin is determined to regain his power and status as a mighty spellcaster. The series has currently been divided into three books, with over 1200 chapters published so far in Chinese. There are fan translations available, but no official English license for the novels yet. However, an animation based on the series is reportedly in development.

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 Summary

Leylin’s previous life and rebirth

In his previous life on Earth, Leylin Farlier was a legendary genius magician who mastered spells and accomplished feats few could even imagine. But at the height of his power, he somehow perished and found his soul reincarnated in the body of a young boy in a pastoral village in a medieval-style fantasy world. This new world has its own system of magic and spells for Leylin to uncover. But his new body starts from nothing – just an ordinary farm boy expected to live a mundane life.

Leylin’s aspirations in the new world

Leylin has no intention of living out this second life as a commoner. He still possesses his calculating, ambitious mind from his previous existence. Since magic is real in this world, he sets his sights on once again becoming a mighty magician – perhaps even surpassing who he used to be on Earth. But this time his path will be much harder, beginning from humble origins. Step one is tapping into this world’s magic system and slowly building up his abilities once more.

Beginning progress in magic

After experimenting for some time, Leylin stumbles upon a secret room concealed beneath a barn near his family’s farm. Here he finds a meditation technique manual that teaches the fundamentals of magic. Leylin begins practicing meditation and soon makes progress in sensing and absorbing the elemental energy that is omnipresent in this world. With the meditation technique as a foundation, Leylin takes his first steps in cultivating his own internal power. But he’s careful to keep these secrets hidden from others in the village.

Conflict in the village

Not everything is idyllic in Leylin’s new rural home. The daughter of the village chief, Helora, is hostile towards Leylin and frequently mocks and harasses him. As Leylin quietly builds his strength through magic, Helora’s abuse escalates. Finally, she threatens Leylin’s family and he’s forced to face her directly in a confrontation. Leylin awakens more of his internal power and defeats Helora with one strike, shocking the village. But this display also alters how the villagers view the once quiet Leylin.

Leaving home for the city

To advance further, Leylin knows he needs more resources and knowledge than can be found in his small rural village. He decides to set out for the nearest city to find a mentor and continue his magical studies. After an emotional farewell to his parents, Leylin leaves his childhood home behind. As he looks ahead to the future, he also reflects on the lingering mysteries of his reincarnation into this world. What led him here, and is there some higher purpose at play?

Key Characters Introduced

Leylin Farlier

The protagonist of Record of the Mightiest Lord, Leylin is a determined, ambitious genius who desires to regain his lost power and vitality. In his previous life on Earth, he was a legendary magician who pushed boundaries few dared to approach. That mighty figure is now reborn as a young boy starting from nothing. But with his innate talents and relentless drive, Leylin begins the journey anew to advance in this world’s magical arts.

George and Nyssa

Leylin’s parents in his new life are George and Nyssa, a kindly rural farming couple. They are common villagers who love their son but have no comprehension of his previous life or magical abilities. Leylin cares for them but also finds them simplistic compared to his complex mind. Their tearful farewell when Leylin departs shows their close familial bonds.


The beautiful yet spiteful daughter of the village chief, Helora becomes Leylin’s primary antagonist early on. She finds Leylin an intolerable eyesore for his bookish ways and seeming lack of conformity to the village. Her harassment turns dangerous until Leylin is forced to show a glimpse of the real power he’s been hiding away. Defeating Helora convinces Leylin to leave the restrictive village for good.

Chapter Highlights and Takeaways

Immersive new fantasy world

From just this first chapter, the world of Record of the Mightiest Lord promises to be an immersive, exciting fantasy realm. It blends medieval rural life with magical elements and spiritual energy Leylin can cultivate. There are hints of many secrets and more powerful realms awaiting beyond Leylin’s small village. The reincarnation angle also suggests this world has deeper metaphysical layers to uncover.

Leylin’s ambitious nature

Leylin stands apart from most protagonists with his cold, calculating personality. He has little patience for what he sees as the ignorance around him and maintains a strong desire for power and knowledge. This ambition can make him come across as arrogant or indifferent to others at times. But it also fuels his rapid progress in mastering this world’s magic as just a young boy.

Balancing ordinary life and magic

In this introductory chapter, there’s an interesting contrast between Leylin’s daily rural life and the mystical energy he is beginning to connect with. On the surface he lives an unremarkable life in the village, tending the fields and avoiding Helora’s harassment. But secretly he has begun rapidly advancing as a magician. This dichotomy between outward ordinariness and inner mystical pursuits defines Leylin’s early double life.

Looking Ahead to Chapter 2

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 serves as an intriguing setup as we’re introduced to Leylin and the beginnings of his second chance at magical mastery. In the next chapter, Leylin will arrive in the great city where he hopes to find more resources and mentors to rapidly advance his skills. We’ll also likely get our first hints at the wider world and magic systems that await in this grand fantasy realm. Leylin took the first steps on his journey in chapter 1, but the adventure has only just begun for the mighty lord.

FAQ about Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

Who is the author of The Record of the Mightiest Lord?

Record of the Mightiest Lord is written by Chinese web novel author Shi Luo Ye and published on Qidian.

What genre is Record of the Mightiest Lord?

It falls into the fantasy and magic genres, with some sci-fi elements mixed in due to the reincarnation premise. It has Xianxia and Xuanhuan elements common in Chinese fantasy web novels.

How strong was Leylin in his previous life on Earth?

Details are scarce so far, but it’s said he accomplished extraordinary magical feats few could imagine, implying he was an extremely powerful sorcerer before dying.

Why does Helora dislike Leylin so much?

Helora seems to view Leylin’s studious, aloof nature as odd. She may also be jealous that he avoids her advances and control, unlike the other village youths.

What meditation technique does Leylin find?

The name and origins of the specific meditation technique are not revealed yet. But it allows Leylin to sense elemental energy and make initial progress with magic.

How many chapters are there in Record of the Mightiest Lord?

Record of the Mightiest Lord currently has 55 chapters as of September 2023, and it is still ongoing. The manga is updated regularly on Mangakakalot.

Where can I access the Record of the Mightiest Lord?

You can read Record of the Mightiest Lord online for free on Mangakakalot, a website that hosts various manga titles for free. You can also support the author and illustrator by buying the official volumes or subscribing to their Patreon page.

What are the main genres and themes of Record of the Mightiest Lord?

The main genres and themes of Record of the Mightiest Lord are fantasy, action, comedy, and romance. The manga explores topics such as identity, loyalty, power, justice, and love through its characters and events. The manga also incorporates elements such as magic, monsters, battles, humor, and romance to create an entertaining and engaging story.
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