MyNced Login: A Guide for NC Students and Educators

Welcome to the world of streamlined access and education technology integration powered by MyNced! As a student, parent, or educator in North Carolina, understanding MyNced login can help you tap into a treasury of resources to enhance learning and school management.

What is MyNced?

MyNced is an online hub that provides access to a variety of educational resources, tools, and services offered by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). It serves as a one-stop shop for students, parents, teachers, and administrators in NC to tap into resources that enhance learning and school management.

Key features

Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Single sign-on access to multiple education apps and services
  • Access to learning management systems like Canvas and PowerSchool
  • Connection to instructional resource providers like Khan Academy, BrainPOP, and more
  • Communication tools for collaboration between students, teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Progress monitoring tools for tracking grades, assignments, attendance, and more

Benefits of using MyNced

It provides a wealth of advantages for its users across North Carolina:

  • Simplified access to educational resources through single sign-on
  • Time savings through reduced logins to multiple platforms
  • Enhanced teaching and learning with a wider range of digital tools
  • Improved school management through centralized access and monitoring
  • Better home-school engagement through parent-teacher communications

With its ability to bring various stakeholders together on one platform, MyNced levels up education in North Carolina!

Accessing and Logging into MyNced

Let’s look at how you can gain access to MyNced and log into this Portal:

Claiming your MyNced account

To start using MyNced, you first need to claim your account on the NCEdCloud IAM service – the identity and access management system that powers MyNced logins.

Based on your role as a student, educator, or parent, you can claim your account by providing details like date of birth, and school ID, and answering security questions. This creates your NCEdCloud username and password.

Logging in with NCEdCloud credentials

Once your NCEdCloud account is set up, you simply use those credentials to log into MyNced.

Enter your username and password at and you will be able to access applications relevant to your role.

Customizing your login portal

You can also customize aspects like your login method and portal URL through connected services like Clever.

For example, students can set up single sign-on using their Active Directory credentials. Administrators can brand the portal with their school or district URL.

MyNced Applications and Resources

Opens doors to a diverse array of education apps and resources tailored to your needs.

Applications for students

Students can use MyNced to access:

  • Canvas – the learning management system for course content access
  • PowerSchool – the student information system for schedules, grades, etc.
  • Clever – the portal for all instructional resource integrations

Applications for parents

Parents can leverage MyNced to:

  • Monitor the child’s progress and grades
  • View attendance records and school updates
  • Connect with teachers and administrators

Applications for educators

For educators, MyNced enables:

  • Class and assignment management
  • Access to standards-aligned curriculum
  • Collaboration with peers and administration

Educational resources

Some of the top instructional resources accessible through MyNced include:

  • Khan Academy for practice and mastery in Math, Science, History and more
  • BrainPOP for animated curriculum videos and learning games
  • Discovery Education for standards-aligned video lessons
  • EverFi for digital lessons covering critical skills

With this breadth of apps and tools, MyNced empowers impactful teaching and learning!

Getting Support

As you begin leveraging nciam, here are some options for getting help whenever needed:

Help center and knowledge base

The MyNced help center offers an extensive knowledge base with step-by-step tutorials, how-to guides, videos, and FAQs. This covers everything from account access to application use.

Contacting customer support

For personalized assistance, you can contact the MyNced support team via email or phone. The support portal also allows you to submit tickets for your issues.

Local administrator support

Your local school or district administrator may also be able to provide on-site support and troubleshooting as needed. Reach out to them through your school’s established channels.

With these multilayered support options, you can easily access assistance for a smooth experience!


MyNced brings the power of integrated Edtech to North Carolina, simplifying access and unleashing the potential of teaching and learning in the digital age. By providing single sign-on access to instructional resources, learning platforms, and student data systems, empowers students, parents, and educators to unlock next-generation education.


How do I reset my NCEdCloud password for MyNced?

You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot password” on the login page, verifying your identity, and creating a new password.

Can I access MyNced from my phone or tablet?

Yes, it is mobile-optimized so you can conveniently access it on smartphones and tablets using your NCEdCloud credentials.

What should I do if I face login issues with MyNced?

You can contact the support team to troubleshoot login issues. You can also reach out to your local school administrator for assistance.

How do I enable single sign-on to MyNced as a student?

Students can enable single sign-on through Active Directory credentials by customizing their login method in Clever after accessing MyNced.

Where can I find training resources for using MyNced?

The MyNced help center offers detailed training manuals, videos, and guides on fully leveraging its applications. You can also contact your local administrator for onboarding assistance.
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