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Owning and driving a car in Clovis, California comes with great freedom and convenience. However, it also comes with the legal responsibility of having proper car insurance. Car insurance protects you financially in case you are involved in an accident. It covers damage to your car as well as any liability for injuries or property damage you may cause others. For these reasons, having the right Insurance For Car In Clovis Otosigna is extremely important.

Types of Insurance for Car in Clovis Otosigna

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you if you are at fault for an accident that causes injury or property damage. It will pay for the other party’s medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and repair or replacement costs. California requires all drivers to carry at least $15,000 in liability insurance. However, experts recommend getting more than the minimum, such as $100,000/$300,000.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. This coverage is critical if you have an auto loan or lease. Lenders and leasing companies require it. Collision is also vital for new cars and luxury vehicles that would be costly to repair or replace.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance (also called “other than collision”) covers damage to your car from almost all other causes besides accidents. This includes theft, vandalism, fire, flood, hail, and animal collisions. It also covers damage from falling objects. If you want full protection for your vehicle, adding comprehensive is highly recommended.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you’re hit by a driver who has no insurance or not enough to cover your losses. Sadly, around 15% of drivers in California are uninsured. This coverage should be equal to your liability limits.

Cost of Car Insurance in Clovis, CA

Car insurance costs in Clovis average around $1,400 per year or $117 per month. However, rates can vary significantly based on your age, driving record, vehicle type, and other factors. Getting quotes from multiple insurers is the best way to find a competitive rate. Otosigna Insurance is one popular local company known for affordable pricing.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance Policy

When selecting a car insurance policy in Clovis, there are a few key things to consider:

Your budget – Balance the amount of coverage you need with premiums you can comfortably afford. Avoid skimping on liability limits or key coverages to save money.

Your needs – Do you require collision and comprehensive for your new car? Would gaps in health insurance make medical payment coverage necessary? Know what’s essential for your situation.

Your driving history – Having a clean record with no accidents or tickets can qualify you for significant discounts with insurers like Otosigna. Maintaining good credit also helps keep premiums low.

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Clovis Otosigna

Choosing the right insurance company is key to getting good rates and customer service:


AAA is consistently highly rated for customer satisfaction and affordable rates, especially for drivers with excellent driving records. They offer plenty of discounts and great perks for AAA members.

State Farm

The largest auto insurer in the U.S., State Farm offers competitive pricing and flexible coverage options. Their local agents provide personalized service.


GEICO has a reputation for low rates and excellent customer service. Their mobile app makes managing your policy convenient. Discounts are available for military members and federal employees.


Progressive frequently has some of the lowest rates available and lots of discount programs. They were one of the first insurers with online quotes and services.

Where to Buy Car Insurance in Clovis

You have three main options for purchasing car insurance in Clovis:

  • Local insurance agents – An independent agent can compare quotes from multiple insurers and help you find the best deal. They also provide personalized service for claims and policy questions.
  • Directly from insurance companies – You can get quotes directly from insurers like Otosigna, GEICO, State Farm, etc. This allows you to compare those brands side-by-side.
  • Online insurance marketplaces – Websites like QuoteWizard enable you to get quotes from up to 8 insurers at once. This simplifies the comparison process.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to get quotes from several insurers before deciding. This ensures you get the best rate for your situation.


Finding the right Insurance For Car In Clovis Otosigna gives you peace of mind, meets state requirements, and protects your assets. Work within your budget but don’t sacrifice critical coverages. Compare quotes to find an affordable rate. Maintain good driving habits to keep premiums down. With the right policy, you can enjoy your car without financial worry. For help choosing coverage that fits your needs and budget, contact a professional Otosigna Insurance agent today.


What is the minimum liability insurance required in Clovis?

The state minimum is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, plus $5,000 for property damage liability. However, experts recommend getting more.

How much does comprehensive insurance cost?

Comprehensive insurance costs an average of $150 per year in Clovis. However, the rate can vary based on your car’s value, where you live, and other factors.

Can I get a discount for taking defensive driver training?

Yes, many insurers like Otosigna offer discounts of up to 10% for completing an approved defensive driver course. This can help lower your premium.

Does my credit score impact what I pay for car insurance?

Yes, most insurers in California use your credit-based insurance score as a factor in setting rates. Maintaining good credit can help you qualify for a lower premium.

If I drive less than 7,500 miles per year, can I qualify for a low mileage discount?

Yes, most insurers offer discounts for low annual mileage, typically if you drive less than 7,500-10,000 miles. This reflects the lower risk exposure. Ask your agent about this discount.
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