Incidentalseventy: Viral Absurdity Deconstructed

Incidentalseventy has recently emerged as a peculiar online phenomenon that has many internet users scratching their heads. On the surface, it appears to be a nonsensical phrase that suddenly gained traction on social media and Reddit. But behind the absurdity lies some meaningful insights into how and why certain ideas spread online.

The Origin of Incidentalseventy

The term “incidentalseventy” first appeared without context or explanation. There is no known definitive source for when or how it was created. Some trace its first appearances back to random Twitter and Reddit posts in the late 2010s. The nondescript handle was created on Twitter in August 2019, tweets cryptic messages, and has since amassed over 50k followers.

Why 70? The Significance of the Number

The number 70 itself does not have any obvious significance. But the randomness of “seventy” seems to be part of the appeal. It gives the term an arbitrary, peculiar quality that sparks curiosity. Some fans have ventured guesses about 7/10, 1970, lucky 70s, or salient 70s memories. But there is no consensus on any real meaning.

When Incidentalseventy First Emerged

Pinpointing the exact origin of incidental events has proven impossible. But a bump in uses and searches occurred in 2020 and 2021, suggesting the phrase first gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some believe that its rise corresponded with people spending more time online during quarantines, hungry for distractions and absurd humor.

How Incidentalseventy Spread Online

Whatever the source, incidental events took on a life of its own through online communities. Two major forces amplified it and accelerated its spread across social media.

Early Adopters on Social Media

On Twitter and Instagram, some accounts began using incidental events in comments and captions. They added the phrase casually, without explanation, mirroring its mysterious origins. Dropping incidental seventy became a way to signal to be part of the same community.

Going Viral on Twitter

The @incidentalseventy account on Twitter gained a massive following, not by posting anything substantive, but simply by tweeting the phrase “incidental seventy” repeatedly. This repetition made it go viral as users jumped on the absurdity. Twitter’s trending algorithms picked it up, amplifying it further.

The Move to Reddit

As incidental seventy proliferated across social media, Reddit soon became the epicenter of the phenomenon. The platform’s communities took the absurdity and playfulness further.

r/Incidentalseventy Subreddit

The r/Incidentalseventy subreddit now has over 100k members. It became a hub for meta-discussion about why this phrase was everywhere online. Users post memes, jokes, and theories about the meaning behind incidental seventy, making the mystery a community bonding experience.

The Appeal of Incidental Events

What is it about incidental events that resonated and spread so rapidly online? There appear to be two primary factors driving its viral appeal.

Simplicity and Mystery

Incidentalseventy’s lack of obvious meaning creates a blank canvas. The simplicity of the phrase makes it endlessly remixable. The mystery draws people in instead of putting them off.

The Allure of an Inside Joke

Using incidental seventy becomes akin to sharing an inside joke. Dropping the phrase signals you are part of the internet subculture aware of this viral eccentricity. Being “in the know” on the nonsensical meme creates a feeling of community.

Finding Meaning in the Absurd

On the surface, incidental events are appealing because of their intentional lack of inherent meaning. But the phenomenon also signifies something deeper about the collective consciousness.

Connecting Through Shared Confusion

The search for meaning in incidental seventy mirrors the human desire to understand the confusing parts of life. Discussing it online connects people through shared curiosity and bewilderment.

The Future of Incidentalseventy

Like all internet fads, the incidental events phenomenon will likely fade, but it could also potentially evolve into something more lasting.

Will It Fade Away or Take Hold?

Many assume incidental seventy will go the way of other online fads that eventually burn out. But it is possible that the lack of concrete meaning will help incidental seventy stick around longer in internet culture. Only time will tell if it has real staying power.

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Comparisons to Past Online Phenomena

Looking at the trajectory of past popular internet memes and jokes can provide clues about incidental seventy’s future. Some compare it to lolcats or doge, widely shared absurdities that faded over time. But others see parallels with certain catchphrases like “All your base belong to us” that successfully etched themselves into the cultural vernacular.

Potential for Evolution and Growth

While the appeal today is based on the absurdity of incidental events, the phrase has room to take on new meaning.

New Directions for incidentalseventy

Incidentalseventy could evolve into a codified cultural reference, or branch off into related jokes and imagery. The community around it could even mobilize for broader purposes, bringing real impact to something originally meaningless.


The incidentalseventy phenomenon demonstrates that the intersection of online communities, mystery, and absurdity can captivate the internet’s imagination. While its vagueness is central to its appeal now, incidental events have the potential to take on greater meaning as it continues spreading across digital realms. Whatever happens in the future, it provides an insightful case study of how and why some peculiar ideas thrive online while others fade away.


What does incidental seventy mean?

There is no definitive meaning behind incidental events. The term seems to have emerged randomly on social media to represent an intentionally absurd internet inside joke.

Where did incidental seventy originate?

The exact source is unknown, but there was a surge in its use in late 2019/early 2020 on Twitter and Reddit. The absurdity resonated during the pandemic when people were spending more time online.

Why did incidental seventy go viral?

Its absurd mysteriousness tapped into people’s curiosity. Sharing incidental seventy online became like an inside joke binding together an internet subculture. The simplicity made it highly remixable as a meme.

Is incidental seventy just a meaningless meme?

On the surface, it is a meaningless meme. But the collective search for deeper meaning in something inherently absurd mirrors the human desire to find meaning in confusing aspects of life.

Will people still be talking about incidental events in the future?

It’s unclear if incidentalseventy will fade like other fads, or turn into an enduring internet subculture. Comparisons to past online phenomena reveal how some stick around while others burn out quickly.
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