Best 20 Tips For How To Make Money On Youtube 2022

How to make money on YouTube

At the present time, the economic slowdown and unemployment have broken the back of the people a lot. Now most of the people are looking for ways to earn money sitting at home online and in today’s article we are going to provide you with detailed information related to How to make money from YouTube.

How to Make Money on YouTube friends, there are many ways to earn money through the internet and among them, YouTube has also become the most popular earning platform and entertainment platform. you can earn money using many ways through YouTube and today we will provide you with detailed information on this in this article. to earn real income from youtube, read today’s article till the end.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is said to be the world’s largest search engine after Google. It’s a social sharing platform. Every day, billions of videos are published here and here people publish videos of different categories and different languages by uploading them. A large platform such as YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005, in San Mateo, California, United States.

YouTube has a total of 26 million active members in our country and it has more than 265 million active users all over the world, which is a large number of users in itself. The main source of making money through this is Google AdSense and in addition to its alternative income sources exist. To make money through YouTube, you need a YouTube channel and you can read our author on how to create a YouTube channel.

How Does YouTube Work?

Just as Google’s search engine shows the result in text, image and video format to complete the query of its users, in the same way, YouTube shows the result in the video format to complete the query of its users. Basically this platform is designed for creators and users only. On this platform, the creators create videos according to their desire and upload it to YouTube and on the other hand, youTube users see the videos published by the creator.

Simply put, the creator and user act like the main pillars of YouTube and on this YouTube depends in the whole way. YouTube monetizes creators’ videos according to its terms and conditions and puts ads on them, when ads start coming on your YouTube channels, your YouTube channel gets monetized and youtube keeps some of your whole of income with you.

when the user clicks the ads appearing on youtube videos or sees it in its entirety, then the youtube creator gets money in return and you can withdraw this money in your bank account.

A requirement how to make money on YouTube

How To Make Money On Youtube friends, to earn money from youtube, you need to be aware of some requirements. now let us further give all of you in detail about what is the requirement to earn money from youtube? and read the information given by us on this topic below carefully only then you will be able to know about the request related to making money from youtube.

1. Choose your niches

friends, you can earn money only by uploading videos on youtube and you will not be able to monetize your channel until you have views on the video, nor will you be able to make money from it, so you have to choose your youtube below, that means you have to choose a topic to upload the video on youtube so that people can get some help or people can see your videos. you can find out about any valuable information. this will make your video go as much as possible and will also have a view.

2.create your own youtube channel

Friends, after choosing your bottom, you have to create your own channel to earn money from YouTube on which you will be able to upload your YouTube videos and in our previous article related to creating a YouTube channel, we have provided step-by-step information on this topic. You can also read this article of ours and learn to create a YouTube channel.

3. upload the video

friends, after completing the two requirements mentioned above, you will now have to start uploading the video on your youtube channel. if you don’t know how to upload a video on a youtube channel, then you can also read the process of uploading videos on youtube in our previous article? and we have explained the complete step-by-step ways of uploading the video to youtube in that article.

How to Make Money from YouTube

Friends, there are a lot of ways to earn money from YouTube. But friends, without the audience, you will be unable to earn money from YouTube. This means that youTube channels without audiences can neither be used for branding nor for any income.

Now the question will be raised in your mind that after all, how to earn money from YouTube, so you have to choose a good niche to work here, friends, which benefits people and people are interested in it, so you have to choose a niche.

By choosing the right niche, you will start getting a lot of audience in no time, because YouTube has become a platform to grow very quickly. use these trick  to make from YouTube.

1. make money from google adsense

Friends, to earn money from YouTube, most of the people prefer to give priority to Google AdSense, you can get your YouTube channel monetized by following the policy and YouTube term and condition of Google AdSense and then Google Adsense starts ad-serving on your YouTube videos. To monetize our YouTube channel, we have to follow some rules and they are as follows below.

First of all, you have to complete the target of about 1000 subscribers on your channel.
after completing the number of subscribers, you will have to complete a watch-time of about 4000 hours.
now you can send it to the review to get your youtube channel monitored.
Members of the YouTube community will check your review and will monitor your YouTube channel if everything is found to be right and now you can serve ads on your videos.

2. make money from affiliate marketing

Under affiliate marketing, we can get a prescribed commission by selling someone’s product and earn money. In the time of online income, the most tax is making money by doing affiliate marketing.

To make money from this, you need any kind of online working platform and this platform can be your social account, your YouTube channel or your blogs or website.

You can earn money by simply using it to sell the product with your audience. Friends, there are a lot of affiliate marketing companies in today’s time, in which Amazon and Flipkart are quite popular. By joining the affiliate program of these companies, you become eligible to earn money.

The company you associate with, it provides you with the affiliate marketing link of each of your products, now you can earn money by sharing this link wherever you want and selling their product. The list of companies that operate some of the affiliate programs is as follows below.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • EBay
  • Myntra
  • Jet affiliate
  • Vcommission
  • Hostinger
  • Hostgator
  • Godaddy
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Shopify Etc
3. make money from sponsor videos

When your channel becomes big and famous, you receive emails from many big companies to get their product reviewed. To get sponsors of big companies, you have to put any one email id address in the ‘about section’ of your YouTube and they will contact you on the same email. You can review their product on your channel and charge them product review charge or sponsored video according to you.

You must have seen ‘Technical Guruji’ and many more YouTube channels and not only that, you must have seen the video of the product review by them, the videos of all the product reviews of friends are called Sponsors Videos. To get sponsors, you first have to do a lot of work and work your YouTube to make it a big brand.

3. product promotions or product reviews

friends, if your youtube channel has reached a good stage and there is a good view on your video and at the same time, your subscriber has a good deal, then you will have to contact you to review your product or promote it on your channel. now you can review their product on your channel and promote their product, you can easily charge $500 to $1000 dollars for a single video. not only this, ali company in front is also ready to pay so much amount.

4. by spawning the channel of another

as we all know very well that in today’s time every single person wants to work on youtube and be successful as soon as possible. such people contact people who have become all-ready and ask them to promote their channel. with this, both you and the channel that wants to be promoted benefits, it starts getting more and more subscriptions and views and you pay according to you in return for this, the person in front of you pays according to you.

5. make money from web mentions

friends, if you have a youtube channel and a blog website along with it, then we want to tell you a golden way to earn money for you. you can create a mixer of your blog and your youtube channel, meaning that through the web-mention technique, you can easily rank your blog on google and increase its authority.

when your blog starts to rank in google and its authority will start improving, then on its own more and more traffic will start coming to your blog and many traffic will be diamond on your blog from youtube, so you can earn good money daily. in today’s time, many people are making good money from their blogs and youtube channels by using web mansion technik and you can easily earn from $200 to $300 a day by using this method.

what’s the difference between blogging and youtube?
in today’s time, both blogging and youtube are very popular to earn money online and almost everyone knows a little bit about it. those who know a little bit of information related to making money through both these methods have a question in their mind that which of the two youtube or blogging can be the best option, so today we will give you further blogging in this article and what is the comparison in youtube? tell about it so that you can easily choose the best option for yourself. understand the difference between blogging and youtube below carefully.

we have to invest in domains and hosting, although you can also do blogging for free from blogger blog spots, but for the most feature you have to transfer to wordpress, you will have to transfer to wordpress, you will have to request domains and hosting in which you will have to invest. at the same time, if you create your channel on youtube, then you do not need to make investments related to hosting and domain at all because here we do not need a hosting and domain name.

To monetize youtube, we need 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, the same we will need only 20 plus 1000 quality articles to monitor our website and then you can easily monitor your website by taking the approval of google adsense. 

friends, there is a huge difference between the income of youtube and the income of blogging. if you get 1 million views every month on your youtube channel, you can earn $100 and if you get bean traffic on your website, then you can easily have an income of between $150 and around $200. that means that in blogging, we have a much better income than page view compared to to make money on YouTube

if you work on youtube, then you start getting good views in a short time and on the same website you have to give at least 6 months, then you will start getting 1000 to 1500 pageviews daily, but on youtube, we start getting many times the views from it in the early times.

if you don’t work on your blog daily and don’t do its on-page and off-page acos, then your traffic slowly starts to go down and you can also come down at zero at one time, but if you put a video on your youtube in a week or even in a month, it will not have a significant impact on your channel and you will always get a bean view but the more you will get the same view. the more you work, the more improvements you are going to see.

if you can work well and with consistency on youtube then you can work on youtube and it can be the best platform for you and if you have the information about aco and you know how to write content, then blogging can be the best for you. overall, it depends on you on what you can do the best work on, if you can do a good job on both the platforms, then you can work on either of the two platforms or you can start working on both the platforms together and earn a lot of money.

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