How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining While Charging

It can be incredibly frustrating when you plug your iPhone in to charge, only to see that the battery percentage keeps going down rather than up. There are few things more annoying than having to constantly plug your phone in or being stuck with a dead battery before you’ve had a chance to fully charge it.

Fortunately, a decreasing battery when charging is usually fixable with a few simple troubleshooting tips. In this article, we’ll look at the main reasons an iPhone Battery Draining While Charging and the steps you can take to get your device charging properly again.

Reasons for iPhone Battery Draining While Charging

There are a few common culprits for battery drain issues during charging. Here are some of the main factors that could be affecting your iPhone’s charging capability:

1. Old Battery

 Old Battery

As iPhone batteries chemically age, their ability to hold a charge decreases. After hundreds of charge cycles, an old battery may struggle to charge fully and drain abnormally fast even while plugged in. This is one of the most common reasons behind charging issues.

2. Charging With Non-Apple Cables or Chargers

Charging With Non-Apple Cables or Chargers

While it may be tempting to use cheaper third-party cables and chargers, these can sometimes interfere with normal charging and cause unexpected battery drain. Using official Apple charging accessories is best to avoid any compatibility issues.

3. Apps Running in the Background

Apps running tasks in the background can place extra demand on your battery, leading to discharge even during charging. Things like GPS navigation, music streaming, and gaming can be particular culprits for drain.

4. Extreme Temperatures

Exposing your iPhone to very high or very low temperatures while charging can disrupt the charging process and accelerate abnormal battery drain. Charging in extreme cold or heat should be avoided.

5. iOS Updates

On rare occasions, a buggy iOS update may cause rapid battery drain or charging issues. Updating to the latest iOS version can help eliminate any unintended software problems.

Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining While Charging

If you notice your iPhone’s battery percentage decreasing while charging, try these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Use the Original Apple Charger and Cable

Stick to the Apple wall adapter and Lightning cable that came with your phone, or purchase a certified MFi Lightning cable. This rules out any incompatibility issues with third-party charging accessories.

Step 2: Update to the Latest iOS Version

Install the most current iOS update available for your iPhone. Updates often include bug fixes that can resolve battery and charging problems caused by glitches.

Step 3: Turn Off the Background App

Disable Background App Refresh in your Settings to prevent apps from tapping your battery in the background during charging. Restrict this to only essential apps.

Step 4: Disable Location Services for Unused Apps

Location services can tax your battery when running in the background. Go to Privacy settings and disable location access for apps that don’t need it.

Step 5: Reset All Settings

If other fixes don’t work, try resetting all system settings on your iPhone (this won’t erase data). Sometimes this can clear out any glitches causing charging issues.

Step 6: Get Battery Replaced if Needed

For older iPhones, replacing the worn-out battery with a new one from Apple can make a huge difference in charging performance and battery lifespan.

How to check your iPhone battery health and performance

You can check your iPhone’s battery health and performance by using the Battery Health feature in iOS. This feature shows you two important indicators of your battery’s condition:

Maximum Capacity: Your battery’s capacity relative to when it was new. A higher percentage means that your battery can hold more charge. Apple considers a battery capacity of 80% or above to be in optimal condition.

 check your iPhone battery health and performance

Peak Performance Capability: Your battery’s ability to deliver maximum power. A normal status means that your battery is functioning normally. However, if your battery has degraded significantly, it may not be able to provide enough power for peak performance, resulting in performance management. This means that iOS will reduce your iPhone’s performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

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You can access the Battery Health feature, by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health on your iPhone. You will see the percentage of maximum capacity and the status of peak performance capability. You will also see if your iPhone is being slowed down by performance management and if you can turn it off.

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Dealing with a decreasing battery while charging your iPhone can be frustrating. But in most cases, the issue can be resolved by troubleshooting root causes like background activity, old batteries, and software bugs. Using original Apple charging accessories, updating your iOS version, turning off Background App Refresh, and disabling unneeded Location Services are good ways to start fixing abnormal battery drain. Restoring your iPhone to factory settings or getting a battery replacement may be necessary if other fixes are ineffective. With a few strategic steps, you can get your iPhone’s charging behavior back to normal.


What causes an iPhone battery to drain while charging?

Common causes include an old battery that can’t hold a full charge, using third-party chargers, apps running in the background, extreme temperatures during charging, and software bugs from iOS updates.

How can I stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast while charging?

Try using an official Apple charger and cable, updating your iOS software, turning off Background App Refresh, disabling Location Services for unused apps, and consider replacing your iPhone’s battery if it is old.

Is it bad for my iPhone to be charging while the battery is draining?

It won’t damage your iPhone but it’s not normal. Troubleshoot the battery drain issue to restore proper charging function and battery lifespan.

Should I replace my iPhone battery if it keeps draining while charging?

If your iPhone battery is constantly draining while charging even after troubleshooting, replacing the worn-out old battery can often fix these charging issues.

How can I tell if my iPhone battery needs to be replaced?

Signs include battery percentage decreasing while charging, shorter battery life between charges, iPhone randomly shutting down with 30%+ battery left, or the battery health in settings showing lower maximum capacity.
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