How to enable Blogger Blog’s HTTPS 2022

How to enable HTTPS for the security of Blogger Blog – This article mainly explains how to enable HTTPS to increase the security of Blogger Blog. You must have seen some such blogs or websites. Whose address is without HTTPS. The address of such a blog or website starts with HTTP. Hackers easily hack such websites and such as website information; They steal usernames, passwords, history, etc.

How to enable Blogger Blog’s HTTPS? Increase your blog’s security

But by putting HTTPS in the blog or website, the website becomes secure and it is not easy to hack such a blog or website. Therefore, all bloggers should enable HTTPS on their blog. So that no hacker can hack their blog and the blog remains safe. If you also want to enable HTTPS on your blog and want to secure the blog. Then this post is written specifically for you. Read this article to the end.

In this article, we have given the complete and detailed information of enabling HTTPS to increase the security of the blog made on the Blogger platform. That is, if you read this article to the end. Then you will have to enable HTTPS in your blog. You should know about HTTPS before you enable HTTPS in your blog. Do you know what HTTPS is and what are the benefits of enabling HTTPS in a blog? Let’s know what are the benefits of enabling HTTPS in a blog?

What are the benefits of enabling https to blog?

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) are two different protocols.
Read on for more information on HTTP and HTTPS: What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? As the full form of HTTP and HTTPS shows that the HTTP protocol is not secure whereas HTTPS is secure. Open any blog or website. At the beginning of his address, there must be either http and https.

If it is HTTP. He doesn’t use blog or website encryption. Due to which a hacker can get his data. Therefore, it is considered less secure. Https follows encryption. Which means that the data is translated into another form. Which has to be changed to the original language to be understood and cannot be changed by all people. That’s why HTTPS is considered secure. Now let’s know what are the benefits of enabling HTTPS in a blog?

Enabling HTTPS secures the blog. After that, the blog uses encryption.
Using HTTPS, people think of blogs as trustworthy. This also increases the recognition of the blog.
Using HTTPS makes your blog safe. It’s not easy for anyone to hack your blog.
Using HTTPS, people consider your blog a safe place. This strengthens the brand of the blog.
Enabling HTTPS improves the ranking of the blog. Google itself also gives more priority to https enabled blogs.

There are a lot of benefits to enabling HTTPS. But it has some important advantages. Which is seen by enabling HTTPS in the blog. Therefore, you should also enable HTTPS on your blog. If your blog is on Blogger. Then you can read this article and enable HTTPS on your Blogger blog. But if your blog is on another platform. We’ll write a new article for that soon. As long as you’re reading this article. By then, he might have written. Now let’s know how to enable HTTPS on Blogger blog?

How to enable Blogger Blog’s HTTPS?

By the way, you have to buy a certificate to enable HTTPS on the blog. For which there is money too. But there is no such thing in blogger blogs. If your blog is also on Blogger.An SSL certificate does not need to be purchased.
Here you can enable HTTPS for FREE. If blogger had already given HTTPS. You just need to enable it. Let’s know how to enable Blogger Blog’s HTTPS? It’s very easy to enable Blogger Blog’s HTTPS. You can enable HTTPS on your Blogger’s blog by following the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Login to the blog.

Login to the blog

First of all, login to your blog. Because blogger has your blog. Then you have to login to the blog. But then let me tell you how bloggers login. To login to your Blogger blog, first of all go to There, in the top right-side corner you will see the Sign IN button. Click on the Google account from which you created the blog. Login to that Google Account. Go to the blog menu after login.

Step #2: Go to Blog Settings.

Go to Blog Settings

When you go to the blog’s menu. Then you’ll see the settings of the blog. You have to click on Settings and go to the Settings of the Blog. In the settings of the blog, there are the settings of HTTPS.

Step#3:- HTTPS Enable

HTTPS Enable

When you go to the settings of the blog. Then you will see the settings of HTTPS. If it doesn’t appear, you can scroll down the screen a bit. There are two options in HTTPS settings. HTTPS Availability and HTTPS redirect. Enabling HTTPS availability will enable HTTPS on your blog. Enabling HTTPS redirects also opens on HTTPS when you open the blog in HTTP. So here you have to enable both of them.

After doing so, HTIPS has been enabled on your blog. You can check your blog if you want. But wait a little longer if you open your blog now. Then it won’t open and if it opens. Then he can’t be in HTIPS. Because after a while of enabling HTTPS, your blog will also open in HTTPS.

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Conclusion – Blogger  HTTPS
We hope you liked this article and you got to learn something new through this article. Because in this article, we have mentioned how to enable the HTTPS of Blogger Blog. However, if there is an issue in enabling HTTPS. Then you can ask us by commenting. If there’s still a question, you can comment.


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