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High-Risk Merchant Account At allows businesses in certain industries to accept credit and debit card payments for their products or services. Industries considered high-risk include online gambling sites, adult entertainment, pharmaceutical sales, and more. While these accounts make it possible to process payments, they also come with their challenges. Read on to learn everything you need to know about high-risk merchant

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

A high-risk merchant account works just like a standard merchant account, except it is designed for businesses that traditional processors consider too risky to take on. is provided by specialized payment processors that focus on underserved industries. These processors have relationships with banks and other financial institutions willing to work with risky merchants.

High-Risk Merchant Account

High-risk merchant accounts give businesses access to credit card processing, even if their industry has a history of high chargebacks and fraud. The providers understand the challenges faced by risky industries and have the tools to mitigate that risk.

Why Do Businesses Need High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

Many businesses struggle to get approved for traditional merchant accounts. Payment processors are hesitant to work with merchants they deem as high risk due to potential financial losses from fraudulent transactions. Some high-risk industries include:

  • Online gambling and casino sites
  • Adult entertainment
  • Travel agencies
  • Pharmaceutical and supplement sales
  • Debt collection agencies
  • High ticket sales
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

Without access to credit card processing, many of these businesses would be forced to operate on a cash-only basis. This severely limits growth opportunities. High-risk merchant accounts make it possible for these merchants to accept the same payment methods as other businesses.

Benefits of High-Risk Merchant

High-risk merchant accounts provide several advantages:

Benefits of High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Ability to Accept Credit Card Payments

The biggest benefit is the ability to accept major credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. This opens up a merchant’s customer base and makes purchases quick and convenient.

Access to Payment Processors

Specialized high-risk providers have partnerships with processors and acquiring banks willing to take on risky industries. Merchants can access these services through the provider.

No Need for Offshore Accounts

In the past, some high-risk merchants resorted to offshore accounts to enable credit card processing. This came with legal risks and instability. Domestic high-risk accounts are completely legal and facilitate stable payment processing.

How to Get High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval

Here are some key points about getting instant approval for a high-risk merchant account:

  • Instant approvals are possible with the right high-risk merchant account provider. High-risk pay offers a streamlined application process that can lead to nearly instant approval decisions.
  • To qualify for instant approval, you need to have all required documentation and information ready upfront before applying. This includes documents like business licenses, bank statements, and personal credit reports.
  • Your business should meet the core requirements like having a registered legal entity, a website with SSL, and being in an approved high-risk industry. No major issues with chargebacks or compliance are also key.
  • Instant approval decisions are based on an initial automated review of your application details. This will be followed by additional verification and underwriting before your account is fully activated.
  • While instant approvals are available, the process still depends on providing complete details and meeting eligibility requirements. Approval times can take 1-2 days in some cases.
  • If your business is clearly within’s specialty industries and you submit a well-documented application, you have a high chance of receiving instant merchant account approval.
  • Be prepared to provide any other details requested by their underwriting team quickly to keep the process moving fast. This can help lead to your account being live and ready to process payments within 24 hours or less.

Who can apply for a high-risk merchant account with

High-risk pay works with high-risk and offshore businesses across a wide range of industries including:

  • Adult entertainment and products
  • CBD oil retailers and wholesalers
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers
  • Tech support and telemarketing companies
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • And many more.

They understand the challenges that high-risk businesses face in getting approved for payment processing. Their team has extensive experience helping specialized businesses obtain and maintain merchant accounts.

What are the requirements for a High-Risk Merchant Account At

The application requirements with are straightforward for legal and established businesses:

  • Active business registered in the US or offshore
  • Valid government-issued business license
  • Website using SSL encryption
  • Clean personal credit history of the account owner
  • No major issues with chargebacks or fraud

Some information that you will need to submit during the application are:

  • Business registration paperwork
  • Bank statements
  • Projected processing volume
  • Contact info for references
  • Previous merchant account details

Providing accurate details upfront ensures the quickest path to approval.

What are the steps to get a High-risk merchant account?

Getting set up takes only a few easy steps:

  1. Fill out their simple online application in full
  2. Submit requested documentation via email or fax
  3. Review and electronically sign the provided agreement
  4. Wait 1-2 days for their team to review and approve your application
  5. Receive merchant account credentials to begin processing

One of their account representatives will guide you through each step. They make the application and onboarding process quick and hassle-free.

What are the features of a High-risk merchant account?

Fast approval and setup prides itself on quick merchant account setup. In many cases, approval only takes 1-2 days. New accounts can be ready to process payments almost immediately.

Low rates and fees

Pricing is customized for each business with competitive processing rates. Monthly fees are reasonable without hidden surprises.

Chargeback prevention and management

Excessive chargebacks can lead to account termination. provides chargeback monitoring and reversal assistance.

Fraud protection and security

From gateway encryption to tokenized payments, incorporates fraud prevention measures. Accounts are monitored for suspicious activity.

Multiple payment options and integrations

Businesses can accept payments online through a payment gateway, over the phone, and in person. APIs are available for easy integration with platforms like Shopify.

Drawbacks of High-Risk Merchant Accounts

While these accounts provide valuable services, there are some potential drawbacks:

Higher Processing Fees

Due to the increased risk, high-risk merchants pay higher fees per transaction. Interchange rates, monthly fees, and chargeback fees are typically higher.

Chargebacks and Reserves

High chargeback rates can result in reserves being placed on the merchant’s funds. Excessive chargebacks may even lead to account suspension or termination.

Account Suspension or Termination

Accounts can be suspended or terminated if the provider feels the business is too high risk. Merchants must follow best practices to maintain accounts.

Tips for Choosing a High-Risk Merchant Account Provider

When researching providers, keep the following criteria in mind:

Reliable Reputation

Choose an established provider with a track record of satisfied high-risk clients and no major complaints. They should have a deep understanding of high-risk industries.

Transparent Pricing and Fees

Be careful of providers that don’t clearly state their prices. Costs should be clearly explained upfront so merchants know what to expect.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Look for providers that offer fraud prevention tools like Address Verification Service, CVV checks, 3D Secure, and other methods for minimizing chargebacks.

Best Practices for High-Risk Merchants

To maintain your account, follow these best practices:

Maintain Low Chargeback Rates

Keeping chargebacks under 1% per month is key. Provide excellent customer service and implement fraud prevention measures.

Provide Transparent Policies

Clearly display return, refund, privacy, and other key policies on your website so customers know what to expect. This builds trust.

Follow Compliance Requirements

Stay up-to-date on card network requirements and industry regulations. Being compliant helps satisfy the processor and acquirer. Here are the Best High-Risk Merchant Account Service Providers


What are some examples of high-risk industries?

Some common high-risk industries include online pharmacies, CBD and vape stores, online gambling sites, adult entertainment, and more. Any business deemed as risky could potentially need a high-risk merchant account.

How do high-risk merchant accounts work?

They function similarly to traditional merchant accounts but are provided by specialized payment processors with access to acquiring banks willing to take on risky merchants.

What are the fees for a high-risk merchant account?

Fees are generally higher than standard accounts, often with higher setup fees, monthly fees, and transaction fees. Chargeback fees are also typically increased.

Can my account get shut down?

Yes, accounts can get suspended or terminated if the provider feels the business is too high of a risk. Merchants must carefully follow regulations and best practices.

What steps can I take to maintain my account?

Maintaining low chargebacks, transparent policies, and regulatory compliance are key. Also, choose a reputable provider known for working long-term with high-risk clients.

The Bottom Line

Though High-Risk Merchant Account At services come with some tradeoffs, the ability to securely accept credit cards is extremely beneficial for risky industries. Choosing a reputable provider and adhering to best practices helps ensure account stability. With some diligence, high-risk merchants can thrive with these specialized accounts.

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