What is Google Dreidel and Why You Should Try It

The Google Dreidel is an interactive, animated version of the traditional four-sided spinning top that is part of the Hanukkah celebrations. When Google wanted to create a fun, educational Doodle to celebrate Hanukkah in 2011, their creative team came up with the idea to let users spin a virtual dreidel right on the Google homepage. Since its debut, the Google Dreidel has become a beloved holiday tradition for many around the world.

What is a Google Dreidel?

A Google Dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with a Hebrew letter imprinted on each side. The four letters are נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hei), and ש (Shin), forming the acronym נגהש. They stand for the Hebrew phrase “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham,” which is a reminder of the great miracles that have happened throughout history. This refers to the miracle of the oil during the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, which is what Hanukkah commemorates.

Google Dreidel

The dreidel is used to play a popular Hanukkah game. Players take turns spinning the dreidel and carrying out actions corresponding to the letter the dreidel lands on. The letters dictate whether you get or lose coins, get everything, or do nothing. This simple game is a fun way to celebrate the holiday, especially for children.

How to Have Fun with Spin a Dreidel on Google

Here are some tips for playing the Spin the Dreidel Google Doodle:

  • Go to the Google homepage (www.google.com) during Hanukkah. This is when the interactive dreidel Doodle is live.
  • Look for the colorful dreidel logo on the Google homepage in place of the regular Google logo.
  • Click or tap on the dreidel image. This will cause it to start spinning, just like spinning a real dreidel.
  • Wait for the dreidel to stop spinning and fall over, revealing one of the four Hebrew letters (נ נון, ג גימל, ה הי, ש שין).
  • Note which letter it lands on. If you were playing the dreidel game, that letter would determine your action – like get nothing, get coins, lose coins, etc.
  • Click or tap the dreidel again to keep spinning it and revealing more letters. You can spend endless time happily spinning away!
  • Note the authentic details like the Hebrew letters and the physics of the spin, bounce, and topple motion. This makes it feel like you’re playing with a real dreidel.
  • Share the experience with family and friends! The Google Doodle is meant to be played with and enjoyed by all.
  • If it’s not currently Hanukkah, you may not see the dreidel Doodle live, but you can view videos of it online to see the interactivity in action.

The Google Dreidel Doodle truly allows you to engage with a cultural artifact of Hanukkah in a 21st-century way! Give it a spin and see the holiday spirit in motion.

History and Significance of the Google Dreidel

Dreidels have been used since medieval times to celebrate Hanukkah. When the Syrian Greeks banned the study of the Torah, Jews would gather secretly to study and pretend they were just playing with dreidels if discovered. This gave the dreidel significance as a symbol of Jewish perseverance against oppression.

As an easily recognized symbol of Hanukkah, the dreidel serves as an important cultural icon connecting Jews worldwide during the holiday. The tradition of playing with dreidels remains an integral part of commemorating the Hanukkah story. It engages people of all ages and backgrounds, bringing families and communities together.

Google’s Dreidel Doodle

Background on Google Doodles

Google frequently creates special logos, called Doodles, to celebrate holidays, events, achievements, and famous people. The Doodles often incorporate interactive elements, games, and charming animations. Google Doodles aims to educate, inspire, and bring joy to users worldwide.

The Creation of the Google Dreidel Doodle

In 2011, Google wanted a unique, interactive Doodle to honor the start of Hanukkah. Their creative team, including illustrator Noah Klocek, brought the traditional dreidel game to life with an animated 3D dreidel that users could actually “spin” on the Google homepage.

Animating the Dreidel

Using advanced graphics technology, the developers animated the dreidel spinning down and bouncing back up, just like a real dreidel. The motion graphics simulate physics principles like acceleration, friction, and collisions, making the movement feel natural. This was an innovation that brought an engaging, hands-on element to the Doodle experience.

Incorporating the Hebrew Letters

Each side of the digital dreidel displays an accurate recreation of the Hebrew letters used on real dreidels. As the dreidel slows to a stop after spinning, one of the four letters ends up on top, just as in the real gameplay. Seeing the iconic Hebrew letters gives the Doodle authenticity.

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Adding Interactivity

As Google’s first fully interactive 3D Doodle, users can actually spin the digital dreidel with a click or tap. This sort of interactivity was groundbreaking at the time. As users play with the Doodle, it feels like they are spinning a real dreidel, bringing delightful surprise and active participation. This helps convey the joy and action of dreidel-spinning during Hanukkah.

Impact and Response

Popularity Around Hanukkah

The Google Dreidel Doodle was widely popular from the start, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. It instantly became a Hanukkah favorite, attracting millions of clicks every holiday season. For many, playing with the Google dreidel became a fun family tradition, for those celebrating Hanukkah and non-Jewish users alike.

Appreciation from the Jewish Community

The Jewish community expressed much appreciation for the respectful, detailed way Google incorporated its cultural symbol into the Doodle. Jewish groups like Chabad called it a “wonderful gift from Google” that can help educate people everywhere about Hanukkah traditions. It provided a positive representation.

Educational Value

The Google Dreidel Doodle was recognized for its educational merits. It teaches users about dreidels in an engaging, interactive way. The incorporation of the real Hebrew letters reinforces learning about the origin and meaning of the letters. It can spark interesting conversations about religious diversity and Jewish culture.

The Future of the Google Dreidel

Potential Updates and Improvements

Google could develop the Doodle even further in the future, adding new animation techniques, more advanced physics, and extra interactivity. For example, they could integrate audio of a dreidel spinning or displays teaching the rules of the dreidel game. Keeping the Google Dreidel on the cutting edge of graphics technology means continued amazement.

Integration with Other Google Products

There are opportunities to leverage the popularity of the Google Dreidel across other Google platforms like Google Classroom, Chrome Music Lab, and Google Arts & Culture. This could provide more diverse ways to teach about the cultural and scientific aspects of dreidels through Google’s immersive, interactive environments. The Google Doodle team is always coming up with new ways to delight and inform.


The Google Dreidel Doodle has become a beloved holiday highlight. Its beautiful design, smooth animation, and interactive spinning capture the joy and meaning of the dreidel, one of Hanukkah’s most recognizable symbols. This creative, educational Doodle teaches audiences worldwide about Jewish culture while exemplifying the innovations of Google’s talented artists, engineers, and developers. It represents the company’s commitment to celebrating diversity meaningfully through technology. Surely, the digital spinning top will go on inspiring smiles and enriching knowledge for Hanukkahs to come.


What inspired Google to make a Dreidel Doodle?

Google wanted a fun, interactive way to honor the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The traditional dreidel game was perfect for an animated, spin-able Doodle.

How do users interact with the Google Dreidel?

Users can click or tap the spinning dreidel illustration on the Google homepage to spin it, just like spinning a real dreidel.

What makes the animation look so realistic?

The motion graphics apply physics principles like acceleration and friction, simulating the natural spinning motion of a real dreidel.

What was special about the Google Dreidel Doodle when it debuted?

It was Google’s first fully interactive 3D Doodle, allowing hands-on play for users. This interactivity was an exciting innovation at the time.

How did the Jewish community respond to the Google Dreidel Doodle?

Very positively. Many expressed appreciation for the culturally respectful, educational way it honored their Hanukkah traditions.
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