02045996879: The Scam Call You Need to Know About

It has been reported that the phone number 02045996879 is being used to perpetrate scams against unsuspecting people. This number, registered in the United Kingdom, has been associated with deceitful criminal operations aiming to steal money or personal information from victims.

An Overview of Known Scams Involving 02045996879

There are a few common scams that fraudsters have been conducting using the phone number 02045996879. These include:

1. The Fake Amazon Prime Scam

The most widespread scam involving this number is what has been dubbed the “Amazon Prime Scam.” Here’s how it usually goes:

The scammer will call you posing as an Amazon customer service representative. They will then claim that fraudulent charges or suspicious activity have been detected on your Amazon Prime account.

Sounding urgent and concerned, the fraudster will request personal information to “verify your identity” and rectify the issue. Do not fall for this! This is a trick to steal your personal and financial details. No legitimate Amazon rep will ever call you unprompted and ask for such sensitive information over the phone.

2. The Bogus Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Another popular scam using 020 4599 6879 is the infamous Microsoft Tech Support Scam. In this scheme, the scammer calls you up pretending to be a Microsoft service technician.

They will falsely claim that malware or viruses have been detected on your Windows computer. Sounding authoritative, they will offer to rid your system of these threats if you provide remote access to your machine.

Of course, their actual intent is to install programs to steal your data or infiltrate your system with actual viruses. Granting them remote access gives them full control to inflict substantial financial and data damage.

3. The Fake HMRC Call Scam

In the United Kingdom, this number has also been used to impersonate representatives of HMRC, the nation’s tax agency. The fraudster will call stating that you owe unpaid taxes, often threatening you with dire consequences like arrest or legal prosecution if immediate payment is not made.

This is another complete scam designed to extort money from you. Real HMRC agents will never engage in such aggressive, threatening tactics over the phone.

How to Identify These Scam Calls

While these criminals may sound convincing at first, there are usually some red flags that can tip you off to their scam before disclosing personal information or sending any money:

  • They often use threats or urgency to pressure you into immediate action before you can think clearly. Resist this.
  • They will request sensitive info like passwords, credit cards, and login details that legitimate businesses seldom require over the phone.
  • The numbers often show up as unfamiliar mobile numbers. Companies normally use official customer service lines.
  • Asking for payment in gift cards or difficult-to-trace cryptocurrencies is also a huge red flag.
  • If something feels odd or suspicious, listen to your instincts. Don’t second guess warning signs.

Caller location OF 02045996879

The phone number 020-45996879, which starts with the 020 dialing code, belongs to the London region and its surrounding areas in England. This code is equivalent to the London telephone area code. The provided statistics, 161,839,636 searches, and 1,007,147 reports are cumulative for all phone numbers within the 020 area code, offering a comprehensive overview of user engagement and reporting activity within this region.

020 Area Code

The 020 area code is the national dialing code for London in the United Kingdom. It is used at 170 telephone exchanges in and around Greater London as part of the largest linked numbering scheme in the United Kingdom. All subscriber numbers within the area code consist of eight digits and it has the capacity for approaching 100 million telephone number

What to Do When You Get a Call from 02045996879

If an unknown number beginning with 442045996879 shows up on your caller ID, do not answer the call. Let it go to voicemail so you can gather more details, then research the number independently.

If you already answered and realized partway through this may be a scam call:

  • Never share personal or financial details over the phone, even if the caller claims to be from a trusted organization.
  • Hang up immediately – Do not engage with or antagonize the scammer
  • Ask detailed questions about the company policies and contact info to uncover lies
  • Contact the legitimate company yourself using official channels to verify if there was any real issue
  • Call authorities to report the scam call

With vigilance and healthy skepticism of unknown callers, we can work together to disempower these criminal scam operations using the 02045996879 number and warn other vulnerable people to protect themselves. Please share this article to spread awareness of this active phone scam. Report any instances of fraud to try and get this number out of the hands of scammers.

How Scammers Acquire and Use Your Phone Number

A common question that arises when receiving these scam calls is how these deceitful callers obtained your phone number in the first place.

Unfortunately, telephone numbers are relatively easy for sophisticated scammers to obtain on the black market illegally. Other ways your number can end up in the hands of fraudsters include:

  • Prior personal data breaches where your info was compromised
  • Purchasing number lists from unscrupulous data brokers
  • Utilizing phone number-generating algorithms until active numbers are found
  • Spoofing their caller ID to randomize numbers to connect calls
  • Hacking telecommunication provider customer databases
  • Harvesting publicly available business directories

Once scammers obtain a batch of numbers, they utilize auto-dialing programs and VoIP technology to spam call hundreds of people efficiently. This allows them to cast a wide net for anyone vulnerable enough to fall for their scams.

It’s discouraging, but pretty much anyone could be targeted. Even if you avoid oversharing personal info online, your number may have leaked in any of the countless data breaches from companies with your data on file.

Legal Recourse for Victims of 02045996879 Scams

If you were unfortunately deceived and ripped off financially by a scam call from 02045996879, you have some options to try recovering lost money.

Your first step should be disputing the charges with your bank or credit card company. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you can contest fraudulent charges on your statement when you report them promptly. Your bank will investigate and may be able to reverse the transactions.

If the money went via bank wire transfer, the situation is trickier but may still be disputed. Contact your bank immediately and file official complaints. By law, banks must assist with tracing, recovering, and blocking wire transfers reported as fraudulent.

For tax identity theft or other direct theft of funds from financial accounts, you can request an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) from the IRS after proving your identity. This six-digit code helps prevent scammers from falsely using your tax ID again in the future.

Additional Legal Protections for Consumers

Beyond specifically recovering lost money, you also have broader consumer rights when targeted by nuisance callers like 02045996879 scammers:

  • Report them to the Federal Trade Commission or the State Attorney General’s office to aid investigations into larger scam networks.
  • Add your phone number to the FTC’s Do Not Call registry which prohibits unsolicited sales calls. Politely demand any further calls cease completely.
  • Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you can sue robocalls and telemarketers for up to $500 per call for unwanted spam calls.
  • If they violated laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act with abusive tactics, report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and your State Attorney General.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Scams

While we cannot control receiving the occasional scam call, there are precautions we can take to avoid becoming victims:

  • Never send money or share sensitive personal/financial details with unsolicited, unknown callers.
  • Set up fraud alerts and security freezes with credit bureaus to protect your credit and Identity.
  • Install robocall-blocking apps on your phones and ask providers to block likely scam numbers.
  • Avoid answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. Let unknown callers leave a message.
  • Never follow links or call numbers left in suspicious voicemails which could download malware.
  • Always independently look up company contact info and call them directly regarding account issues.
  • Verify identifying details like addresses, Tax IDs, and license info before trusting any calls claiming authority.

Report Instances of 02045996879 Scams and Warn Others

The most effective long-term tactic to shut down 02045996879 criminal operations is formally reporting all instances of fraud to authorities. The more evidence collected against them, the better the chances of catching and penalizing the organized groups orchestrating mass scams via this number.

To report phone scams and provide important intelligence to detectives, contact:

  • Action Fraud – National fraud & cybercrime reporting center of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaint Assistant
  • Your Local Police Department
  • Relevant Mobile Carrier Security Teams

Raise awareness among friends and family, especially those who may be more vulnerable to scams, about the possibility of receiving calls from the known scammer number 02045996879. Share this article and have open discussions about protecting oneself from predatory phone scammers seeking to exploit people in distressing times.

By remaining vigilant and exercising extreme caution when sharing any sensitive data over the phone, we reduce the chances of falling victim to 02045996879 scams. Report their criminal usage of this phone number to authorities so collective action can be taken to protect innocent consumers in the future. Stay safe!


02045996879 is a phone number that has been associated with various scams. If you receive a call from this number, the best thing to do is to block it and report it to the authorities. Remember to never provide personal information or money to unknown callers

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